Now that you’ve got all 3 wings accessible in her base the operations, the time to knife some medical supplies.

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This post covers the Hudson refugees Camp mission that the medical wing in The Division.Once you have actually completed the three missions that unlock the various wings of your base that operations, you must start collecting offers so you deserve to unlock skills, talents and also perks in ~ those wings. When you deserve to earn gives by playing through side missions, the main story goals offer a much greater prize (usually 500 supplies contrasted to 60). The first major medical wing mission is the Hudson refugee Camp.

Investigate Hudson Yards.Neutralize hostile Cleaners.Find the chemical source.Find the Cleaner foreman.Reach the crane controls.

When you with the camp, monitor the marker down the stairs to the lower level to interact in a firefight with several hostiles. The adversaries in this area have flamethrowers for this reason it’s crucial to keep a nearby eye top top every enemy and also take lock down before they acquire within flamethrower range. Watch your back and sides together the adversaries will try to flank you. If you operation to the much right side of the area and take cover here, it’s very complicated for any of the enemies to sneak up on you.

Once the an initial wave is down more enemies will spawn with over-shields. Take it them the end then follow the guiding line to the train cars. Watch out together you method the cars since there space explosives simply outside and throughout the train cars. If you gain too close they will certainly explode inflicting far-ranging damage. Shoot them native a distance and also wait until the flames disperse before you continue. If girlfriend selected Pulse together a skill you can detect this bombs native a distance.

Slowly job-related your method through the subway cars, taking out the enemies as girlfriend come through them and watching carefully for an ext explosives. When again, having the Pulse skill helps significantly in this area to let you understand when both enemies and explosives room nearby.

Clear all of the hostile enemies then head v the homeless area to find even an ext hostiles top top the far side. Once they’re taken treatment of head increase the stairs and finally increase the ladder in ~ the end. Proceed down the much side come engage more hostiles in the surrounding area. These enemies will use automated turrets, therefore be prepared to take it cover. It’s finest to take out the turrets, then conveniently take the end the person enemies. If friend let the human adversaries linger, they will place an additional turret.

Finish off any type of remaining Cleaners, then find for the foreman. This will certainly lead you roughly the area and to a collection of extended crates that develop a makeshift stairway to the communication above. To the left of this makeshift stair is an ammo crate come restock your ammunition. Come the best is a booty crate through a few items.

Collect the loot climate head increase the makeshift stair to face off versus the foreman, Martinez. You’ll should clear a couple of more the his subordinates prior to Martinez reflects himself, however once the does head increase the stairs on the much right next so you can gain a much better vantage suggest of the action. If Martinez sets up a turret ~ above the reduced level, don’t worry around it and focus her fire top top Martinez till he goes down.

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With Martinez down, head end to the gate in front of the crane controls and access the keypad. Follow the markers to the laptop that serves as the crane controls. This completes the mission.

From here you can continue on to the Medical Mission: Broadway Emporium, or head back to ours Division walkthrough and guide hub for more tips, tricks and also advice!