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LadySanSooReviewed in the United claims on October 3, 2016
When friend pay for a season in advancement and they cut it quick at 6 episodes... I won"t do this mistake again, it"s becoming all too typical on Prime. Us should understand UP front how numerous episodes space going to be in a season. It would have actually been CHEAPER come buy 1 in ~ a time rather of together a whole.

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Jon DoeReviewed in the United states on September 8, 2017
I love this show, but can"t get the seasons right. I"ve complained however they don"t listen. Season 9 and 10 as noted on room actually season 8."s seasons 11 and also 12 are season 9. If you"ve purchased this you need to complain and also ask for a refund. As lot as I choose the show I"m no going to proceed to support exploiting customers by not correctly organizing episodes and seasons.
maria hartReviewed in the United states on October 27, 2020
"Revisited" is not almost as an excellent as the constant show, which i love. Seems prefer a whole various production. Method less quality. However, i will certainly still watch all the episodes. Also, Hulu has actually this season noted as season 7,so I"ve already watched it and also now I"ve to buy it with accidentally however I pressed download so currently I can"t publication the purchase so I have wasted mine money.

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writergurlReviewed in the United states on January 8, 2017
This display has adjusted a lot over the years. The first few seasons were far scarier, some of those to be terrifying, and also Amy speak a lot of fewer people these work they have to simply vacate their house. Amy hasn"t readjusted much, the watch she gets on her face are hysterical, as is the overacting, but when girlfriend can"t see what she"s supposedly seeing, she doesn"t have actually much choice. She"s not the happy-go-lucky kind medium, she"s not the lady from new Jersey the talks around smiling point of view babies making signs of a blessing over your head, Amy finds death, misery, curses, and also destruction all over she goes. I watch this as entertainment, no fact, however I still enjoy them. I favor the ones that are much more murder secret than something else, it"s exciting when they it seems ~ to settle a crime the baffled police.