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LadySanSooReviewed in the United States on October 3, 2016
When you pay for a seachild in development and they reduced it brief at 6 episodes... I will not make this mistake again, it"s coming to be all as well prevalent on Prime. We have to understand UP FRONT just how many episodes are going to be in a seachild. It would certainly have actually been CHEAPER to buy 1 at a time rather of in its entirety.

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Jon DoeReperceived in the USA on September 8, 2017
I love this display, but can not obtain the periods ideal. I"ve complained yet they don"t listen. Seaboy 9 and also 10 as noted on are actually season 8."s seasons 11 and also 12 are seaboy 9. If you"ve purchased these you should comsimple and ask for a remoney. As much as I prefer the present I"m not going to proceed to support exploiting customers by not effectively organizing episodes and also seasons.
maria hartReregarded in the United States on October 27, 2020
"Revisited" is not almost as good as the consistent display, which i love. seems like a entirety various production. way much less quality. but, i will still watch all the episodes. also, Hulu has actually this seaboy listed as seakid 7,so I"ve already watched it and now I"ve purchased it with accidentally but I pressed downfill so currently I can"t cancel the purchase so I have wasted my money.

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writergurlReperceived in the USA on January 8, 2017
This display has changed a lot over the years. The initially few periods were much scarier, some of those were terrifying, and Amy tells a lot fewer human being these days they have to simply vacate their residence. Amy hasn"t adjusted much, the looks she gets on her face are hysterical, as is the overacting, however as soon as you can not watch what she"s supposedly seeing, she does not have actually much choice. She"s not the happy-go-lucky kind medium, she"s not the lady from New Jersey that talks around smiling angel babies making indications of a blessing over your head, Amy finds death, misery, curses, and also damage anywhere she goes. I watch this as entertainment, not reality, yet I still enjoy them. I like the ones that are even more murder mystery than anything else, it"s interesting when they seem to solve a crime that baffled police.