1. Anotherterm for IBS is ____, since system work are controlled by the outsidefirm, or host.

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A:managed hosting B:directhosting C:outsidehosting D:enterprisehosting
2.The choice between arising versus to buy software often is called a ____decision.A:makeor buy B:buildor buy C:either a. Or b. D:neithera. Nor b.
3.A software package that have the right to be offered by plenty of different varieties of institutions iscalled a(n) ____ application.A:vertical B:horizontal C:limited D:unlimited
4.____ was NOT noted as a reason that companies would construct software in-houseversus buying that from an exterior source.A:Meetconstraints of currently systems B:Developinternal resources and also capabilities C:Lower costs D:Satisfyunique business requirements
5.Some user applications have an effective screen and also report ____ that enable users todesign their own data entry forms and also reports.A:generators B:creators C:templates D:files
6.The ____ of a task is the total value of the benefits minus the complete valueof the costs, v both costs and also benefits changed to reflect the allude intime at which castle occur.A:ROI B:NPV C:EPS D:IRR
7.When you use an ____, you already know the certain product or business you wantand you need to achieve price quotations or bids.A:RFP B:RFQ C:NPV D:TCO
8.The goal of systems style is to construct a mechanism that is ____.A:effective B:reliable C:maintainable D:all that the above
9.____ is a model of software program deployment whereby an application is organized as aservice listed to customers over the Internet.A:SAS B:SaaS C:SSA D:SSaa
10.Web-based software usually requires additional layers, called ____, tocommunicate v existing software and legacy systems.A:hubs B:portals C:channels D:middleware
12.A ____ model has actually a change fee based upon the number of users or workstationsthat have access to the application.A:managed B:subscription C:service D:cloudcomputing
13.The ____ makes, builds, and also develops in-house software.A:company"s the department B:company"sASP C:company"sIBS D:allof the above
14.An accountancy package is a great example the a(n) ____ application due to the fact that it canbe used by many different businesses, or separate departments that exist inlarge, diversified companies.A:vertical B:horizontal C:limited D:unlimited
15.The complying with is NOT one of the three ways the chapter noted as a means tocustomize a software package: ____.A:You can mergetwo existing packages right into one solutionB:Youcan acquisition a straightforward package that vendors will customize come suit your needs. C:Youcan acquisition the package and also make your very own modifications, if this ispermissible under the regards to the software program license. D:Youcan negotiate directly with the software seller to make renovations to meetyour needs by paying because that the changes.
16.Read-only properties means that users deserve to ____.A:view the data B:changethe data C:eithera. Or b. D:neithera. Nor b.
17.The solution Analyst"s Toolkit explains how to use three main price analysistools that perform NOT encompass ____.A:paybackanalysis B:ROI C:NPV D:EPS
18.Another valuable resource is the web bulletin board system that containsthousands the forums, referred to as ____, the cover every imaginable topic.A:gatherings B:newsgroups C:socialgroups D:feeds
19.The two significant Web-based advance environments space IBM"s WebSphere andMicrosoft"s ____.A:.NET B:JavaScript C:Office D:Access
20.____ development treats the web as the platform, quite than simply acommunication channel.A:Internet-based B:Traditional C:botha. And also b. D:neithera. Nor b.
21.Although the timeless model of software acquisition tho accounts for moresoftware acquisition, a new model dubbed ____ is an altering the picturedramatically.
23.A user ____ utilizes standard company software, such together Microsoft indigenous orMicrosoft Excel, which has actually been configured in a certain manner to improve userproductivity.
26.A(n: ____ version is an outsourcing fee design that dues a change fee basedon the volume that transactions or operations performed by the application.
27.In combination, the powerful tools the systems experts use to provide aframework for rapid, effective software development, is dubbed a ____environment.
28.In enhancement to configuring software, one IT staff can produce a user ____, whichincludes screens, commands, controls, and also features that allow users tointeract an ext effectively v the application.
29.Guidelines come follow when determining data entry and storage considerationsinclude all of the following except ____.

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30.Reports that trace the entry of and also changes to an important data values space called____ and also are important in every system.
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