THE COMPELLING STORY of AMERICAN history SINCE RECONSTRUCTIONFor high school students, The American Republic due to the fact that 1877 gift the richsaga the American background after the polite War. The modern history portion the TheAmerican Vision, this program features the same superior scholarship;up-to-date, specific maps; peerless resources, and unique strategies discovered inThe American Vision. This food makes contemporary American history understandableand pertinent for every student.Features• Glencoe’s one-of-a-kind content reading strategy renders it much easier foryour college student to become active, an important readers through the use of:• Reading intervention Tools• graphic Organizers in section openers and also assessments• Prior understanding Activators in every lesson• In-text reading Checks• Reading and also Writing Prompts• National geographical maps include dimension to the narrative and also give college student anunderstanding of the inter-relationships that places and events.• our industry-leading modern technology allows us to bring you The American RepublicSince 1877 in 3 formats—printed textbook, interaction multimedia onlineedition, and also StudentWorks CD-ROM which has an interactive student edition, college student workbooks, audio, and Student Presentation Builder. You and your college student have accessibility tothe program’s huge resources whenever and however girlfriend wish.

Reading for information

Themes in American history

Early American background Review test

National geographic Reference Atlas

National geographical Geography Handbook Geographic thesaurus

Unit 1 structures of Liberty, Beginnings-1848

Chapter 1 Converging Cultures, Prehistory to 1520

Chapter 2 The English arrive in America, 1607-1763

Chapter 3 The American Revolution, 1754-1789

Special Section: The message of the statements of freedom

Chapter 4 Federalists and also Republicans, 1789-1820

Chapter 5 The Young Republic, 1816-1848

Unit 2 The dilemm of Union, 1848-1877

Chapter 6 Sectional dispute Intensifies, 1848-1860

Chapter 7 The civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1877

Unit 3 The bear of modern America, 1877-1900

Chapter 8 settling the West, 1865–1900

Chapter 9 The Industrialization that America, 1865-1901

Chapter 10 Immigration, Urbanization, and also Life in the unified States,1865-1896

Chapter 11 Politics and Reform, 1877-1896

Civics Handbook

The structure of the joined States

Unit 4 Imperialism and Progressivism, 1890-1919

Chapter 12 becoming a people Power, 1872-1912

Chapter 13 The gradual Movement, 1890-1919

Chapter 14 civilization War I, 1914-1919

Unit 5 Boom and Bust, 1920-1941

Chapter 15 The Jazz Age, 1921-1929

Chapter 16 “Normalcy” and great Times, 1921-1929

Chapter 17 The good Depression Begins, 1929-1932

Chapter 18 Franklin Roosevelt and also the brand-new Deal, 1933-1939

Unit 6 an international Struggles, 1941 to 1960

Chapter 19 A human being in Flames, 1931-1941

Chapter 20 America and World war II, 1941-1945

Chapter 21 The Cold battle Begins, 1945-60

Chapter 22 Post-War America, 1945-1960

Unit 7 A Time of Upheaval, 1954-1980

Chapter 23 The brand-new Frontier and the an excellent Society, 1961-1968

Chapter 24 The Civil civil liberties Movement, 1954-1968

Chapter 25 The Vietnam War, 1954-1975

Chapter 26 The politics of Protest, 1960-1980

Unit 8 A transforming Society, 1968-Present .

Chapter 27 Politics and Economics, 1971-1980

Chapter 28 renewal of Conservatism, 1980-1992

Chapter 29 right into a new Century, 1992-Present