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Amazing Spiderman (GameBoy) Details

Genre: Beat'em up
Release Date: July 1, 1990
ESRB Rating: anyone
Publisher: LJN Ltd.
Developer: rare Ltd.
Model Number: nobody
Player Count: 1 player
Also Compatible On: GameBoy advancement and GameBoy color
Notes: no one
UPC: 023582058009
ASIN (Amazon): B000JR5G4E
ePID (eBay): 56237042
brickandmortarphilly.com ID: 13464
Description: So friend think the life of a Marvel at sight Hero is straightforward one? Wrong! take it Spider-Man because that example. If he’s out protecting decent folk, a group of evil mutants kidnap his wife and threaten to “neutralize” her if their needs aren’t met. Currently Spidey’s gained to get her earlier before something disastrous happens. It i will not ~ be straightforward though, due to the fact that he’s gained the likes that Hobgoblin, Mysterio, Dr. Octopus and also some the Marvel’s various other favorite “baddies” was standing in his way. So, if friend feel as much as the an obstacle and you’re all set for some major wall-crawling, make certain your internet spinners are full and also batteries refreshed prior to you handle this game Boy adventure.

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We’re certain you’ll be play this one for a long, lengthy time.