Carrie thinks around men and also the future as soon as no one mirrors up for her birthday party. Miranda confronts her married friends around her solitary life. Charlotte do the efforts to attend to her separation indigenous Trey. Samantha tries come seduce a celibate monk. The girls do a pact that they are each other's soulmates, and men space nice guys to have fun with.

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Please use this thread as a room to discuss any type of thoughts, feelings, reactions, etc. Come the episode.

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Carrie is mine inspiration
Welcome earlier to the rewatch discussion. Us hope you’ve delighted in rewatching the episode. Similar to before I have compiled some trivia bits to help discussion:

The episode premiered Sunday June 3, 2001 ~ above HBO and also was watched through 6.49 million viewers.

It was written and also directed by series executive producer Michael Patrick King.

This is the first listed iMDB duty for Aidan Sullivan (Cute i know well Girl) and the only provided iMDB role for David Costelloe (Waiter).

Costas Mandylor (Friar Fuck) is well-known for playing Kenny Lacos in the TV series Picket Fences and Mark Hoffman in the Saw film franchise.

Yul Vazquez (Phil) is well-known for his voice work-related on Courage the Cowardly Dog, and his roles in Magic City and also Midnight, Texas. He likewise did 3 illustration of The great Wife which stars chris Noth and 6 episodes of Divorce i m sorry stars sarah Jessica Parker.

While still in she apartment, Miranda is attract a dark blue fur scarf. However when we see the girl walking together, Miranda's scarf is now a mixture of blues and also browns through a clues of red.

The tune performed at the beginning of the illustration is In these Shoes by Kristy MacColl.

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Remember to follow the rules and also have fun discussing the episode. If there are any type of problems mods deserve to be reached using mode mail or the report button. And also if you have any thoughts on the brand-new show and/or just how the sub need to proceed you re welcome comment here.