What space the toughest gamings on the Texas schedule? Ranked from most basic to hardest, below are how vital each the the Longhorns’ games are.

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How will the Texas Longhorns football routine fare this season? the a make-or-break year because that Charlie solid and the Longhorns, yet just how challenging is the schedule going to be?

12. Sept. 10 UTEP

This isn’t that basic for the easiest video game on the schedule. UTEP will most likely go bowling, and it’s is a sandwich game between Notre Dame and also Cal. The Longhorns need to roll v this there is no a problem.

11. Nov. 19 at Kansas

This would certainly be No. 12 ~ above the perform if that wasn’t being played in Lawrence. It’s the critical road video game of the year because that Texas and also comes just before the TCU date six work later. The focus has to be there.

10. Oct. 15 Iowa State

Just once it seemed choose Texas was around to walk on a roll – thud. Iowa State pitched a perfect game in a 24-0 success in Ames critical season throughout its last win of the season. The Longhorns can’t whiff at home.

9. Sept. 17 at California

Cal isn’t going to be almost as dangerous together it to be last year once it pulled turn off a 45-44 success in Austin, however it’s still a an essential game for Texas. This one comes after UTEP and before a mainly off, and it can be a long, LONG couple of weeks if the team flies ago from Berkeley through a loss.

8. Nov. 12 West Virginia

It’s a difficult Mountaineer team that come up v a 38-20 success last year in Morgantown. This season, the the sandwich video game at home in between Texas Tech and also Kansas. If nothing else, it have to be a funny shootout.

7. Nov. 5 at Texas Tech

The Red Raiders winner 48-45 in one of the wildest games of the 2015 large 12 season, yet that could have been an anomaly – Texas won six straight in the collection after their epos 2008 game. This is really, yes, really dangerous contest for the Longhorns coming off the game versus …

6. Oct. 29 Baylor

Just how good is Baylor going to be? this is the biggest trouble for the Longhorns, as well as the still-dangerous Bear offense – BU it s okay a week turn off to prepare because that the road trip. It to be a stunning Texas win to end last season, and also this year the residence win is a must before going to Lubbock.

5. Oct. 22 at Kansas State

This might be scary. Kansas State has the defense to possibly keep the Texas ground video game in check. The last Longhorn victory in Manhattan to be 2002, and also that contains a 23-0 loss to the Wildcats in 2014.

4. Oct. 1 in ~ Oklahoma State

The toughest true road video game of the season, it’s additionally the big 12 conference opener coming turn off a bye week. Weird enough, the road team has actually owned this game, v the 2008 Texas victory the last time the home team won.

3. Sept. 4 Notre Dame

Yeah, the key Big 12 gamings matter more, however in terms of momentum, potential and perception, Texas and also Charlie strong have to victory this country televised primetime showdown. Critical year’s 38-3 loss in southern Bend set a poor tone – a win can make the start to 2016 season fully different.

2. Nov. 24 TCU

A big, huge problem because that Texas over the last few years, TCU won the last two games in the collection by a linked score that 98-17. The Horned Frogs have actually won 3 of the four battles because joining the big 12.

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1. Oct. 8 Oklahoma (in Dallas)

This might seem obvious, yet coming turn off the road game at Oklahoma State, yes sir a chance Texas can put a chokehold on the conference title race if it deserve to start out the big 12 season 2-0. Forget any sort of extra an inspiration for the Sooners after last year’s lose – yes no have to worry around either side obtaining jacked up because that this. OU lost and also survived critical year, but Texas most likely can’t think around the big 12 championship if it loses in Dallas.