It has actually been 10 years because the effective telenovela starring Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli and also Aarón Díaz premiered. And although it is right now being broadcast on Televisa, plenty of fans of background in Latin America to be left wanting to view a second part.

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The return to the display of “Teresa” it expected that her fans obtain hooked on the story again and also that i generated new followers the Teresa and her desire to have actually a most money and also wealth. Therefore, the opportunity of a second season has once again haunted the mental of many. Also some actors that were component of the cast.

If you room not acquainted with the story, “Teresa” speak the life that a humble young woman, who wants to it is in a millionaire. The girl comes the end ahead at the expense of humiliating people, also her parents. Her life the deceit and also lies bring her major consequences.

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The soap opera to be starred by Angelique Boyer v Sebastián Rulli and Aarón Díaz, v antagonistic performances through Margarita Magaña, Manuel Landeta, Felicia Mercado and the first actress Raquel Olmedo; and with the mainly performances the Cynthia Klitbo and also Ana Brenda Contreras. Precisely, the last left open the possibility of proceeding the story.

Ana Brenda Contreras and Angelique Boyer in “Teresa” (Photo: Televisa)

COULD TERESA have actually SEASON 2?

Ana Brenda Contreras she played Aurora, Teresa’s friend, top top the mexican soap opera. The actress speak ten year after her duty and to be asked around the opportunity of recording the second part of “Teresa”.

Through she YouTube channel, Ana Brenda suggested that she would be delighted to be component of she leading actors again. So much so the the mexican actress currently has in her head exactly how the story might continue.

“It would be great, that is, imagine the Mariano and also Aurora room still married and then they satisfy again through Teresa and also Arturo …”said the actress.

Although the production company has not evidenced the opportunity of re-making the story, the most enthusiastic pan hope that at some allude Teresa will certainly return more evil 보다 ever. Likewise, the various other supporting actors have actually not commented on the either.

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A few weeks ago, Ana Brenda Contreras relived – via tiktok – one of the most memorable fights she character had actually with Teresa, played by Angelique Boyer.

In the recording, Aurora cases her ‘friend’ for trying to find Mariano Sánchez again and also they have actually a strong argument for the lover’s love, hearing one of the many iconic phrases of the an initial one.

“Maybe he wouldn’t look because that you if girlfriend didn’t provide him wings, however today you to speak you marry who else and tomorrow you have doubts, and also Teresa isn’t fair. Mariano is excited and also then suffers more “, says Ana Brenda.

Angelique Boyer, of course, reacts like Teresa and replies the following to humiliate Aurora: “Aurora, pardon me, but I offered you a long means to go. It is no my fault if you have not do Mariano notice you. Rather of worrying around me, dress up, readjust your clothes, your hairstyle. Do something to make Mariano look in ~ you ”.

What does Aurora answer? “What I carry out or don’t carry out is mine problem, I perform not have to adorn myself, at the very least I am honest and I am v him from mine heart”.

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Bárbara Mori – Rubí Pérez Ochoa / Fernanda Martínez PérezEduardo Santamarina – Alejandro Cárdenas RuizJacqueline Bracamontes – Maribel de la Fuente OrtizSebastián Rulli – Héctor Ferrer GarzaAna Martín – Refugio Ochoa Vda. Indigenous PérezYadhira Carrillo – Elena NavarroMiguel Pizarro – Loreto EchagüeManuel Landeta – Lucio Montemayor “The count of Aragon”Antonio Medellín – Ignacio CárdenasAna Bertha Espín – Elisa de DuarteJosé Elías Moreno – Genaro DuarteOlivia Bucio – Carla Ruiz de CárdenasLuis Gatica – Cayetano MartínezLeonorilda Ochoa – Dolores Herrera “Doña Lola”Roberto Vander – Arturo de la Fuente RangelOfelia Cano – Victoria GallegosPaty Díaz – Cristina Pérez OchoaJosefina Echánove – Francisca “Pancha” MuñozArlette Pacheco – Lilia López de DuarteJan – Marco RiveraMarlene Favela – Sonia ChavarríaIngrid Martz – Lorena TreviñoSergio Goyri – Yago PietrasantaCarlos Cámara – Dr. José luis BermúdezLilia Aragón – Nora de NavarroManuel “Flaco” Ibáñez – Onésimo Segundo RabozoGerardo Albarrán – Gabriel AlmanzaAdriana Roel – Hilda MéndezLorena Velázquez – MaryDolores Salomón “Bodokito” – LadybugSergio Argueta – Francisco “Paco” Gómez GallegosMarco Méndez – luis Duarte LópezTania Vázquez – Sofía Cárdenas RuizHugo Macías Macotela – Isidro RoldánEduardo Rodríguez – Saúl Arce de la BorbollaManuel Foyo – Ernesto BermúdezNicole Vale – Natalia DuarteKristel Casteele – Fernanda Martínez Pérez (girl)José Antonio Ferral – Dr. GarduñoMariana runrountree – Ingrid MendozaLiza Willert – Carla’s NurseAmelia Zapata – Celia FuentesAngeles Balvanera – DoraOdemaris Ruiz – Tania HuertasMaría Fernanda García – ValeriaRoberto Sen – David TreviñoLuz María Aguilar – Mrs. TreviñoSergio Zaldívar – GazcónRaúl Valerio – Dr. MosquesSergio Jurado – Lic. MillánRoger Cudney – Howard WilliamsClaudia Benedetti – LupeJorge Flores – HimselfSusana Diazayas – CarmenAlicia Fahr – Romina


Su real number Monique-Paulette Boyer Rousseau.He was born in France in the town of Jura, an extremely close come the border with Switzerland.She began her modeling career when she was 5 years old.She studied acting due to the fact that she to be a child at CEA.He was part of the musical group Rabanitos Verdes, who opened the concert of the team NSYNC in 2002.It had always been the idea the if that did not succeed together an artist, the would want to dedicate his life to gift an astronaut, a forensic police officer or a ballet dancer. A selection so large that it virtually encompasses the desire of every young world regardless of their gender. Ultimately, she did no opt for any type of of those careers and today enjoys several accolades and also awards famous for your roles, specifically in the people of soap operas. And also thanks come this she was also able to dominate her true love.


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