The warmth is ~ above the Vols to break with in 2016. Here"s how you can watch their season opener versus Appalachian State and also what to watch for.

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Tennessee kicks turn off its 2016 season in ~ home against Appalachian State on Thursday night. Big things are expected from the Vols this year, however they shouldn"t be overlooking their opponents this week.

Appalachian State go 11-2 last year, fallout’s just short of a sun Belt title. The team has won 17 that its critical 19 games and returns a the majority of talent for 2016. The Mountaineers have to be in the thick of the conference title hunt again this year, for this reason Tennessee would execute well to no sleep on them.

For the Vols, over there is so much at stake this season. They"ve slowly built during Butch Jones" tenure in Knoxville, and also in Year 4, they have actually a an excellent blend of high-end talent and experience. They just need come learn just how to near the deal. Remember, they held leads in every of their 4 losses last year.

How to watch, stream and listen

TV: 7:30 p.m. ET, SEC Network

Radio: Tennessee | Appalachian State

Online streaming: WatchESPN

Spread: Tennessee started the mainly favored through 20.5 points.

Make friends: gain to SB nation’s team blog chats for this game at Rocky height Talk for Tennessee pan and Underdog dynasty for Appalachian State fans.

Three huge things come know

1. No pressure, Vols

Tennessee is suspect to victory the SEC eastern according come SEC media this summer. This is a program that has been wandering in the wilderness because that a lengthy time now, and the fans are hungry because that success after seeing so many stops and starts. Each of their four losses critical year come by a touchdown or less, so if the traditional logic uses here, this is the year we start seeing those close losses turn into wins.

2. Will app State claim another high file victim in a season opener?

The Mountaineers have actually come a long means since their remarkable win over Michigan in 2007. They"re an established FBS regime now, and also Tennessee would perform well not to underestimate the boys from the sun Belt.

3. Showtime for Josh Dobbs

Dobbs has been the recipient of a lot of hype this offseason, and also if Tennessee is going to live as much as its expectations, it requirements a huge year out of him. Calmly placing away application State and also racking up good numbers follow me the way would be a very an excellent sign because that his future performance this year.

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