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By Max Nicholson
Warning: complete spoilers native this illustration follow.

You know a season that Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle is drawing to a close as soon as the brothers with the last illustration of their latest TV obsession. Indeed, this episode marked the penultimate installment before the two-part season finale, and, hilariously, the Crognard finale to be pretty anticlimactic (anti-climate?), as it ended with Crognard's unceremonious demise. Not just did this provide some humorous moments throughout the episode ("Really, though? there wasn't favor a movie or miscellaneous after?"), it was also, in its very own way, a of points to come.While "Dinosaur seen in Sewers!" began out like any type of other mutant-of-the-week episode, that soon ended up being clear the there was much more to it, as the mysterious "Dino-Man" turned out to be Zog of the Triceratons (voiced through Aliens' Lance Henriksen). That was likewise given a comparable origin come the one in the comics, through Raph pretending to it is in his premium officer "Zoraph" -- due to the fact that why wouldn't friend take advantage of having actually your an extremely own dinosaur companion? ("We bonded end our shared love the destruction!")


"Well, this particular day is gaining awesome!"

As v other new characters this season, i liked how we were thrown best in the center of Zog's story, without any type of context, leaving Raphael and also the guys to number out what was going on as they went. For example, the reveal that the Kraang were privately plotting a new way to take it over planet wasn't the surprising, yet the truth that lock had developed a brand-new base in the Statue of freakin' Liberty to be a funny twist and made a great new locale.We additionally got a sense of simply how powerful Triceratons were. (No doubt this will certainly make things extra challenging for the turtles in the upcoming finale.) Not just were the Turtles' weapons fully ineffective against Zog, but the extraterrestrial soldier even gave the Kraang a scare when he arrived on their base. And also how rad was it to check out him take out a whole squad of Kraang -- and also three Biotroids, gorging one in the butt cannons -- every on his own? Suffice come say, Dr. Rockwell to be right about Zog gift the most an effective creature they'd ever before faced.That said, I type of felt negative for Zog after he came to his senses and also confronted Raphael on the rooftop. It to be amusing at the time, however Zog was right to point out Raph's deceit, well-meaning as it was. And also even though we only acquired to recognize Zog for one episode, his (apparent) fatality was certainly felt in ~ the end of this episode. That was also telling the the Triceratons' vehement commitment to their empire, which, again, will most likely come ago around in the finale. In any kind of case, I'm excited come see just how the Triceratons change TMNT's rogue dynamic however again.

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Though it began out typical, TMNT"s "Dinosaur seen in Sewers!" conveniently sbrickandmortarphilly.comaled the dawn of a brand-new threat for the Turtles, as Zog the Triceraton do his debut. In addition to learning about Zog"s watch invulnerable extraterrestrial race, we also found that they were enemies of the Kraang. Alas, ours puny, "Kraang-infested planet" will most likely get recorded in the Triceratons" crosshairs because that the Season 3 finale.