Teen Wolf season 6, episode 8, “Ghosted,” simply finished airing, and also tonight, numerous old deals with returned come our screens.

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The illustration kicks off with Lydia having another dream, although this one is much an ext visceral (and helpful) 보다 the last one.

Walking through a mirror, Lydia finds herself in the ’80s together the city of Canaan has actually their yearly block party. She witnesses the entire town being taken by the Ghost Riders other than for one woman. Lydia is able come touch her shoulder and also interact v the woman, but she’s soon knocked ago to reality. She, Malia, and Scott discover where Canaan used to exist and also plan a roadway trip.

When they get there, Canaan is just as it to be left in 1987, despite the power from what happened to the town reasons the pack to have actually hallucinations. Malia watch her embraced family, is shot by Theo, and is dragged underground by her dead sister and also mother. Scott, top top the various other hand, watch his mommy with a bite note on the earlier of her head, and even though i knew this wasn’t real, it to be heart-wrenching to check out Melissa in that condition.

But the city isn’t fully deserted. Lock spot a little boy, Caleb, ~ above the sidewalk and also follow the home. His mother, Lenore, is the mrs from Lydia’s dream, and also we learn that the reason she wasn’t bring away is because she’s a banshee.

either lydia is having a REALLY poor hair work or something really strange is walk on ? #TeenWolf pic.twitter.com/xn4P73HD3l

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Caleb’s situation is a bit different, however. That drowned when he to be little, and also for some reason the Ghost Riders to be able to bring him back. He greatly acts prefer a regular child, however given his violent death, there room clues as to what occurred to him, especially when Lenore tells the fill they can’t leaving the house.

So we know the Ghost Riders can’t transform reality, yet now us do know they have the right to bring ago the dead. It seems plausible this is what lock did to Claudia, yet I still want to recognize to what end. Is it simply to odor the sheriff and also the others from looking too carefully into Stiles’ disappearance, or is it because that some other reason?

Either way, Lydia realizes the Ghost Riders are stuck for some reason. They need to figure out what that reason is therefore they have the right to save Beacon Hills, yet Lydia is insistent lock don’t execute that till they conserve Stiles. She doesn’t want to it is in left behind prefer Lenore.

While every one of this is walk down, Melissa is no hope trying to conserve Chris from his wounds inflicted through the Ghost Riders’ whips. He’s infected by a supernatural toxin the will spread out if they try to reduced it out, so between several shots of lingering hand-holding, Melissa figures out the ingredients because that a cure, hoping she combined it with each other in the best amount to conserve him, fairly than kill him.

Mason and also Corey space surprisingly missing in this episode, however it does enable for Liam and Hayden to team up with Mr. Douglas of every people. That overheard them talking around their setup to catch a Ghost Rider, therefore it’s obvious to united state that every relocate from there on out has actually been calculated, including being “caught” in the basement trying to construct something to avoid the Riders.

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At the end of the illustration we see what would certainly be a cute scene in between Mr. And Mrs. Stilinski if us didn’t already know Claudia was basically reanimated through the Ghost Riders. When she heads to bed, the sheriff is shortly to follow, yet he stops short at the wallpaper in the hallway. He can’t help but peel the back, and when that does, his eye widen in surprise. I’ll gambling money there’s a whole room top top the other side of the wall.

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