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Why the TAURUS stop 24/7-OSS TACTICAL?If developed through direct feedback from Special pressures teams stationed approximately the world, and the Taurus 24/7 OSS" is just one of the most progressed firearms in the background of pistol making. And is developed to satisfy and/or exceed all demands laid down by USSOCOM (United says Special work Command). And this is too much duty pistol than provides unprecedented reliability, durability, accuracy and ergonomic functionality. Qualified of firing thousands of failure-free rounds in virtually any environment, whether it be jungle humidity and also mud, desert heat and also sand, or arctic cold and also ice and also comes in .45 ACP, .40 cal. And 9mm.If it"s too good, why the TAURUS discontinued? that is a work horse firearm.
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Because USSOCOM didn"t buy any? Brazilian Special forces are the only special operations systems using it that I recognize of.
Battle that Wanat: 10 years earlier last 13 July, 1LT Brostram was eliminated in combat killing the last foe combatant in the outpost. The LT checked out the allude of decision and also made the distinction that rotate the birds of the battle. The initial investigation uncovered the Bde Cmdr, the Bn Cmdr and also the Co Cmdr in ~ fault for dereliction the duty. If you want to check out what a sarcastic silver star citation reads like, traction up the company commander"s silver star.

Congress reduced off the $$$ for the program before one was preferred as the winner that the contract. However, the .45 24/7 OSS to be still in the to run late right into the program after countless had reduce out. Because that those of united state who love it, the .45 24/7 OSS is a winner, regardless.
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Yup.The sector doesn"t display it, yet the OSS is the can be fried collectible. Accurate, reliable, rugged and also a lifetime warranty. Priceless.
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Like the others have actually said, due to the fact that the united state Gov didn"t fork the end the cash they chose to prevent production. That said, from what ns understand, and anyone please correct me if ns am wrong, they space taking alot of what remained in the OSS and putting the in the G2. One big thing i love about the OSS is the 5.25 inch barrel vs the best barrel I have seen for a G2 being 4.2 inches. The market for shorter barreled much more concealable pistols is much bigger than for a much longer barrel, I would bet this had actually to play into it. Together someone who likes larger pistols, i am kinda bummed, i hope they perform come out through a longer barreled G2.
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I think the best difference between the OSS and the G2 is the target customer. And also that is why you room seeing the 4.2 fairly than the 5 1/4" barrel. Currently if Taurus decided to built a comp gun version, prefer S&W, Glock, FN and also SA have, we would watch the much longer barrels. Yet I think the CC market is that they space aiming at v the G2.
Battle that Wanat: 10 years ago last 13 July, 1LT Brostram was killed in combat killing the last foe combatant in the outpost. The LT visited the suggest of decision and also made the distinction that rotate the tide of the battle. The initial investigation uncovered the Bde Cmdr, the Bn Cmdr and also the Co Cmdr at fault because that dereliction of duty. If you want to view what a sarcastic silver star quote reads like, traction up the agency commander"s silver star.

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I believed that a G-2 LS ( lengthy Slide) remained in the large picture in the near futuer?IF for this reason thats your answer to why the OSS is no much longer around!I don"t think a G-2 LS would/could complete with a 24/7 D/S OSS considering the price would be lower and the OSS is a SA/DA and the G-2 is a Da/Sa pistol and also many choose the egonomics that the 24/7 better than the G-2.We all have actually our favorite in Taurus pistols however honestly i think castle can create a much better pistol and also warranty repair, components availablility if lock discontinue a the majority of the models that they produce.Imagine calling client service and also simply speak i have actually a 9mm pistol and also need a magazine, and also they say OK we will ship it the end tommorow!
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The PT 24/7 OSS, was initially designed and build together a 45. ACP, to exeed all requirements collection in 2005, through the joined State Special procedure Command, for a brand-new military organization pistol. It was subsequently adapted for .40 S&W and also 9mm, too following an notice of an broadened all organization Joint Combat Pistol mechanism trial. When those trials to be postponed in 2006, Taurus decision to offer next-generation service style to the civilian and also Law Enforcement makets. Taurus readjust the cause mechanism, diferent together Goverment model 1911, pistol. The Taurus 24/7, was subjected to the exact same tests to those that it was subjected the total Glock, sumerge in water, mud, sand, dropped on concrete floors, kicked them across the room "The can be fried Torture Test". In the actual World, exactly how long would that be in real-world use? The sector research suggest the average night-stand residence gun won"t watch 5,000 round for virtually 20 years, but the test in the Taurus PT 24/7 OSS, deserve to do the 5,000 ring in 10 day. What much more can ns say? By dick MetcalfWhat is your suffer with the Taurus PT 24/7?I to buy one brand-new Taurus PT 24/7 OSS .45 ACP for $325.00 plus $25.00 ship. In Gunbroker, before increases of price!!!!!!!