Once Upon a Time … through the Inside Line… I told you that, soon enough, you’d be wondering what the Phuket Tamara’s agenda is.

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And now you have wondered, and also currently you (kinda) recognize.

This week’s episode also accounted for August’s whereabouts, melted a touch even more light on Snow’s flourishing darkness and also associated the dots in between Greg Mendel and… “Her.”

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IN PHUKET CIRCA 2011…. | August awakens in a beachside bed, alongside a logy neighborhood lass, to uncover that she gave him a tatalso on his shoulder his leg has turned to hardwood. (Between the setting, the clock time, the subtitles and the crazy, it was easily the show’s many Lost-choose cold open up ever before.) When a visit to a constant doc proves futile, August is directed to a mystical male recognized as The Dragon. And in that super-secretive waiting room, we also spy… Tamara?!

The Dragon recognizes August as Pinocchio and also promises to cure his problem in trade for “a things of excellent worth to you” — the string of his whale (heh) necklace, which Gepetto offered to animate him back in the day — and also $10,000. (Hey, Rumple told us magic constantly comes through a price!) Looking about $9,990 brief on the fee, August eyeballs the wad in Tamara’s purse as they chat at a bar — and then predictably pinches it as soon as she goes to take a call, and also buys his cure. She intercepts him afterward, however, retrieving the vial and leaving him in the gutter. We then see Tamara have actually a fateful encounter with the Dragon, finding out she doesn‘t have actually any rare cancer however instead has actually been on a long, frustrating search for magic that only turned up frauds — until him. He’s the actual deal, as evidenced by the potion made of no well-known aspects, so she goes to kill him. “You have actually not met the real me,” he cautions, as plumes of colored smoke swirl out of his nose and also such… yet reportedly a $99 stun gun deserve to nonethemuch less carry out him in.

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IN STORYBROOKE…. | While David checks on the magic bean chop, Mary Margaret goes right into the woods to reflect on her recent dark rotate (and offer the ol’ bow a rockin’ plucking). Tright here, she discovers a trailer where August has actually been hiding, having changed earlier right into a 100-percent wood, yet ambulatory, man. He is relieved?/jealous-ish? that Emma has actually rejoined via Neal, yet sees no redemption for himself, so he wishes to lay low.

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Back in tvery own, there’s awkward noshing of New York City bagels for Emma, Henry, Neal and the just-arrived Tamara (that reported that Hook was MIA from the apartment building’s storage room). When Neal tells his fiancée the truth around his beginnings, she rails at him for making a lame-ass attempt to blow her off in favor of “the cute blonde.” Over at the diner, after Regina recommends “the blackened sole” to her (ha!), Mary Margaret tells Emma and also Marco/Gepetto about finding August — as Tamara eavesdrops.

Tams gets to August first, saying that, no, she herself isn’t magical, and also her service in Storybrooke doesn’t issue him. But he does owe her, so she tells him to go to New York City and usage her leftover cure, and never return. August sets out to carry out simply that, yet upon realizing that Tamara has been lying — and that she eliminated The Dragon — he transforms about, to warn Emma & Co. But the Taser That Even Works On Wood dispatches with the marionette, who can’t quite utter his attacker’s name to Emma before he croaks. However… seeing as his dying act was “selfless, brave and also true,” the Blue Fairy is able to revive Pinocchio, as his boyish self. The freckled lad, alas, has no memory of what he was about to tell Emma (which is excellent, ’reason Tams looked primed to Taze him too). Neal offers Tamara an out, now that she’s saw all the wacky, yet she clintends, “What I signed up for was you.”

That night, Greg — after having a run-in through Regina, that currently realizes he is grown-up Owen and is established to uncover his father — calls “Her” on his cell, but it turns out “she” is external his door. And she is Tamara. And they begin making out…?

IN NEW YORK CITY CIRCA 2011…. | Upon returning from Phuket, August reports to Neal that Emma must have arrived in Storybrooke, so he’s heading there to meet her. He says he’ll “send a postcard” when the curse is lifted, but Neal problems his father will then come to uncover him. Tamara witnesses this enrespond to, then arvarieties for her and also Neal’s “meet cute.”

What did you think of “Selfmuch less, Brave and also True”? How many “Tamara is Wendy/Pocahontas/Whomever” theories flew out the window tonight? (Sorry! That said, a number of of ya nailed the “Tamara is Her” thing.) And what carry out you think the magic-hunter’s endgame is in Storybrooke? (Remember, she isn’t going all over anytime soon.)

Here’s the new promo for the April 14 “pop-up” episode and also the new April 21 episode, which supposedly features Tom Ellis (The Fades, Merlin) as a famous bandit: