Cast: E.G. Marshall, Margaret Klenck, skies Berdahl, Jenna von Oy, mark Capri, and also Paul Sparer

Composer: Michael Gibbs


Bored on Christmas Eve, youngsters Stefa (Jenna von Oy) and Jimbo (Sky Berdahl) demand a story from their mommy (Margaret Klenck) and father (E.G. Marshall). Feeling mean-spirited, both parents tell Jimbo and also Stefa around the Grither—a destructive monster who preys top top the innocent throughout Christmas season.

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A contemporary retelling the the Krampus legend, “Seasons of Belief” will appeal to fans of the horror/holiday crossover genre. This episode does, however, endure from dated unique effects, predictable plot twists, and also occasionally weak performances.


By going to extraordinary lengths when convincing Stefa and also Jimbo the the Grither’s existence, the mother and also father in “Seasons that Belief” sell an amusing, relatable suffer for parents with a dark feeling of humor. In one scene, because that example,

the father and also mother perform a macabre rendition the “O Come, every Ye Faithful,” substituting the initial lyrics with an ominous warning about the Grither—a sequence that will certainly resonate through those who enjoy telling silly, old-fashioned ghost story to their children. (It must be noted, that course, that there space times when the mother and father take the “Grither” hoax a tad too far, inducing a panicked reaction from both youngsters prior to the climax of this episode.)


Viewers might take concern with the casting of E.G. Marshall (in his at an early stage 70s at the time of filming) and Margaret Klenck (nearly fourty years younger than her co-star), who, for obvious reasons, lack the chemistry that a compatible husband-and-wife pair.


Though contempt ambiguous, “Seasons that Belief” appears to contain a article on the results of lying to children about Santa Claus, the tooth Fairy, and other us of a mythological nature.

Concluding Comments

“Seasons the Belief” is one entertaining, if clichéd, installment of Tales native the Darkside. Black comedy buffs in specific may gain this episode, which services from ironic undertones and a gruesome—albeit unsurprising—twist in the final scene.

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Overall Quality: 7/10

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