Syracuse boosted to 9-4 on the season and also 3-3 in the league play v a residence win over Virginia Tech.

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. — The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team deserve its first victory over a ranked foe in over a year, taking under the No. 16 Virginia technology Hokies through a final score of 78-60 inside the carrier Dome. The last ranked win came against No. 16 Virginia ~ above Jan. 11, 2020. Syracuse deserve its an initial quadrant 2 victory that the season, hopping earlier in the NCAA tournament bubble picture.

Jim Boeheim made no changes to his beginning five, rolling the end Joe Girard, friend Boeheim, Alan Griffin, Quincy Guerrier and Marek Dolezaj. Bourama Sidibe and Frank Anselem to be unavailable, per Syracuse Athletics.

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Both teams came out solid on the offensive finish following the tip. Stylistically, Syracuse and Virginia Tech obtained it done in contrasting ways; Virginia Tech obtained hot from exterior while Syracuse established the ball inside. Hokie soup Nahiem Alleyne do his an initial three 3s early. The went 1-4 the rest of the fifty percent from deep.

Syracuse, ~ above the various other hand, functioned it inside to Marek Dolezaj if forwards Quincy Guerrier and also Alan Griffin crashed the offensive glass from the wings. It operated to an excellent avail together Syracuse scored 14 second-chance point out in the an initial half ~ above eight offensive boards. Virginia technology scored 18 point out from 3 to Syracuse’s three, while the Orange had actually 26 point out in the paint to Virginia Tech’s 10.

After the an initial eight minutes of play, Kadary Richmond marked Boeheim’s very first substitution off the bench, supplanting Girard. He no the spark the he was in the Miami game, however still scored 4 points with smaller guard Jalen Cone defending him nonetheless. Jesse Edwards played sparingly through Dolezaj playing well and staying the end of foul trouble. Edwards only played two minutes, but did have actually one solid defensive stand against Keve Aluma.

Dolezaj paced Syracuse through 14 first half points and also the Orange took a 40-34 lead right into the half.

mark Konezny-USA TODAY sports Syracuse enabled Virginia tech to job-related the sphere inside an ext in the second fifty percent and the Hokies were able to cut into the lead early, but Syracuse responded methodically top top offense and also got the Hokies right into foul trouble.

Dolezaj drew Aluma’s 3rd foul in the early going, which earned the a seat on the bench in donate of David N’Guessan. He quickly picked up two fouls (his fourth) and also after a Jalen Cone foul ~ above Girard — which marked four continuous whistles agains the Hokies — Mike Young make his voice heard: “Hey Bill, how around something under here?” Young shouted to the referee.

With the game slipping away from Young’s squad, Girard stole the ball for a layup and gave Syracuse it’s largest lead that the game at 53-44.

After a quick ago and soon sequence, Girard uncovered Griffin in change for a slam. Guerrier followed that up through a triple and also two made free throws damaged the video game open in ~ 63-48. Virginia Tech never ever threatened under the stretch and also Syracuse cruised to a 78-60 victory, its 2nd straight and an initial ranked win of the season.

Guerrier led Syracuse in scoring v 20 points and also nine rebounds. Dolezaj had 18 points and six rebounds if Alan Griffin finished v a double-double, churning out 15 points, 10 rebounds and seven blocked shots. Richmond finished v 13 points off the bench.

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Syracuse won the fight in the paint 46-24 and the rebounding fight 37-35.

Next up

Syracuse access time the road for an away video game at No. 13 Virginia top top Monday. That video game tips in ~ 7:00 p.m. From john Paul Jones Arena and airs on ESPN.