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Future Growth6/6
Past Performance5/6
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TSLA Overview

Tesla, Inc. Designs, develops, manufactures, leases, and sells electrical vehicles, and also energy generation and also storage equipment in the joined States, China, and also internationally.

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About the company
Summary of every time highs, changes and also price drops for TeslaHistorical share prices
Current re-superstructure PriceUS$1,213.79
52 week HighUS$1,215.39
52 main LowUS$396.03
1 Month Change55.31%
3 Month Change69.85%
1 Year Change188.33%
3 Year Change1,643.15%
5 Year Change3,093.18%
Change since IPO25,303.73%

Independent manager exercised alternatives and sold US$203m precious of stock

On the 27th of October, Ira Ehrenpreis worked out 203k choices at a to win price of about US$52.38 and sold this shares because that an average price of US$1,050 per share. This trade did not impact their existing holding. Because December 2020, Ira has actually owned 118.82k share directly. Company insiders have collectively sold US$572m an ext than they bought, via options and on-market transactions in the last 12 months.

Tesla Stock: What Investors should Watch after ~ Q3 Earnings

Tesla is a magnificent electrical vehicles automaker. However, that valuations have actually been challenging for plenty of automotive investors to comprehend.Despite that, that stock has cracked the $1,000 level recently. We formerly highlighted that its solid momentum could take us there.We talk about what investor should think about after the FQ3 report card. We likewise explain even if it is the share is a purchase now.


The sunshine Dollar club - Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) Rockets ~ Earnings

Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) simply reported the Q3 earnings, and also shortly after, investor jumped on come buy an ext shares. The stock has actually exceeded expectations and joined the trillion Dollar Club.

Insider exercised choices and sold US$5.7m worth of stock

On the 18th that October, Vaibhav Taneja worked out 7k options at a to win price of around US$54.66 and sold this shares because that an typical price the US$864 per share. This trade did not influence their existing holding. Due to the fact that December 2020, Vaibhav's direct individual holding has increased native 16.68k shares to 21.21k. Agency insiders have jointly sold US$463m more than they bought, via alternatives and on-market transactions in the critical 12 months.

Third quarter 2021 revenue released: EPS US$1.62 (vs US$0.32 in 3Q 2020)

The company reported a strong third quarter an outcome with enhanced earnings, revenues and also profit margins. 3rd quarter 2021 results: Revenue: US$13.8b (up 57% from 3Q 2020). Net income: US$1.62b (up 439% from 3Q 2020). Profit margin: 12% (up indigenous 3.4% in 3Q 2020). The rise in margin was driven by greater revenue. Over the last 3 year on average, income per share has actually increased through 124% every year but the company’s share price has increased by 142% per year, which way it is tracking substantially ahead of income growth.

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Price target enhanced to US$768

Up native US$698, the current price target is an median from 33 analysts. New target price is 14% below last close up door price of US$894. Stock is increase 110% end the past year. The company is forecast to article earnings per share of US$3.85 for following year compared to US$0.74 critical year.

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