Profile:Supreme Patty
Age:23 years Old
Height:5ft 6in (168 cm)
Occupation:Instagram Star
Net Worth:US $500 Thousand


can be fried Patty is one American prankster, stuntman, web personality, and also rapper. He rose to importance posting Prank videos on Instagram. His ‘Supreme Patty TV’ YouTube channel boasts 18+ million views. Together a rapper, he’s well-known for songs favor “Gelato” and also “Blah Blah” featuring huge Win. Patty to be born Patrick Wallace on December 18, 1997, in Daytona Beach, Florida. His parental Bill and Angie separated as soon as he was around 3-year old. He has actually an older sister called Katie. Patty attended sugar Mill elementary School complied with by Ormond Beach center School. The attended Seabreeze High School but dropped out prior to completing his diploma. Patty eventually earned his GED. The enrolled summary at Santa Fe university in Gainesville, Florida.

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CAREER Wallace began out top top the Instagram communication in 2013. The moniker “Supreme Patty” was produced using an virtual name generator. Among his very first videos to go viral showed him eating 3 hotdogs in under 5 seconds. That video was famously re-posted by actor Orlando Bloom. Patty’s Instagram now has over 6.2+ million followers (Lil D!ck Gang). Numerous of his videos mirrors him mix weed with food. He also posts numerous pranks and also challenges. Patty was as soon as arrested for stirring up a riot in ~ a FaZe Bank and RiceGum popup shop. He’s collaborated with the likes that Boonk, Tekashi 6ix9ine and Woah Vicky. He’s also a pan of Fatboy SSE. Supreme Patty’s manager/cameraman is Austin müller (A. Millz). The 2 attended Santa Fe college together.

The ‘Supreme Patty TV’ YouTube channel was produced in April 2015. The now has actually 250K+ subscribers and more than 10 million views. His famous uploads incorporate “First Time the end of the country ! (Fixed my teeth)”, “I got All mine Acne Removed” and also “Meeting Tommy Chong.” In enhancement to pranks, Wallace is one aspiring rapper. He began out making music together a teenager under the moniker Apollo. He now goes by supreme Patty across all channels. Patty’s first notable track “Watchin” special A. Millz was shared via SoundCloud in July 2017. He adhered to up through “Blah Blah” alongside large Win in December. Patty’s most famous track to date “Gelato” to be released in February 2018. It has 8+ million spins ~ above SoundCloud and 3+ million views on YouTube. Various other songs in his catalog include “Blown”, “MAD” and “Skrt Skrt” with A. Millz.

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PERSONAL supreme Patty’s elevation is about 5ft 6in. He usually wears a red can be fried headband in his videos. Patty experimented with weed and also other drugs throughout high school. He as soon as tried come commit self-destruction by jumping turn off a bridge. As a result, he invested 3 work in one Emergency detention facility for mental health evaluation. Supreme Patty’s net worth is approximated at $500 thousand. That earns indigenous YouTube, music, and from the revenue of goods (jewelry, accessories, etc).

Supreme Patty real Name, Birthday, Wiki

Real Name:Patrick Wallace
Birthday:December 18, 1997
Age:23 year Old
Place the Birth:Daytona Beach, Florida, united States
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius
Height:5ft 6in (168 cm)
Occupation:Prankster, Rapper, society Media Personality
Years Active:2017-present
Net Worth:US $500 Thousand