Tom Brady number 12 that the new England Patriots reaction after fumbling the ball during the 4th quarter versus the Philadelphia Eagles in Super key LII at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis top top February 4.Rob Carr/Getty
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Tom Brady looked like…Inspector Gadget, a shortcut villain, Ethan hunt from Mission: Impossible, and a myriad of various other hilarious memes, follow to Twitter.

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The new England Patriots quarterback"s outfit showing up at the U.S. Financial institution Stadium, the website of Sunday"s Super key LII, inspired a entirety lot of memes.

Brady, 40, wore a lengthy gray wool trench coat, a high-neck sweater and sunglasses as he entered the stadion for the big game.

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The memes came in thick and fast Sunday, comparing that to everyone from Inspector device to Melania Trump:

Tom Brady is dressed prefer he’s make the efforts to gain a component in the “Basic Instinct” reboot.

— kris D'Elia (

Tom Brady verified up to #SuperBowl52 looking choose he was gaining ready to help ruin Faber College’s homecoming parade. #animalhouse

— Matt Finnigan (

Tom Brady arrives in Minnesota through the singular score of killing Jason Bourne.

— David Cochrane (

Tom Brady looks like he simply dropped a noble West German techno-pop album

— man Noonan (

Actual photo of Tom Brady and his squad getting here at U.S. Bank Stadium today. #SuperBowlLII

— callyellen (

And that wasn"t simply Brady"s pregame watch that obtained Twitter talking. ~ the Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, there was this chuckle-worthy tweet around how Brady, who has a extremely plant-based diet, would react:

More memes poked funny at the Patriots" loss. Sorry, fans.

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