Coheed and also Cambria (2008)

Courtesy of roll Stone

Perhaps “Coheed and Cambria” is merely a band the will never ever appeal to big swaths that concertgoers. After ~ all, couple of bands would proudly advertise that their lyrics room pulled native a really nerdy sci-fi comic penned by its frontman. Not to mention that their ‘70s prog-rock impacts are fixed in fashion this days and were perhaps a little challenging to festival goers in ~ 2008’s sun God Festival.

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That do not do it deter potential pan from providing “Coheed and Cambria” a shot, though. Far from gift a mere stale ‘70s throwback, the tape blends selection of influences, indigenous punk to soft electronics, right into an epic live present full of energy and showmanship. That no surprised that they will be headlining both Reading and Leeds this year.

Dieter Joubert, senior Staff Writer

My Chemical romance (2006)

Courtesy of rojo Stone

Gerard way and agency disbanded back in 2013 after over a decade together, and also certainly there were legitimate reasons for your dissolution. However, there’s no denying that My chemical Romance’s brand of punk-infused rock, when perhaps more pertinent ago in 2006, no much longer felt as relevant in a modern-day age where rap and EDM had become king. True, lock garnered your share the success, most notably v “Welcome to the black color Parade,” however they now feel strangely out of ar amid the an ext recent sunlight God Festival headliners. A an altering of the guards has actually occurred, ushering in a whole new procession of artists.

Tynan Yanaga, an elderly Staff Writer

Silversun Pickups (2012)

Courtesy of hazard Bird Records

Silversun Pickups, an alternate rock group, headlined in 2012. This group isn’t well-known for flashy visuals or “dance”-ready music. Your post-grunge beat and also gravelly live vocals are an excellent for when you desire to chill, yet get recurring after they’ve played their famed songs; anyway, there is only so lot you deserve to play with three chords. Because that fans of their music it was a an excellent show, but for the casual listener who supposed to go hard at sun God Festival, this wasn’t their headliner.

Rachel Novotny, Staff Writer

N*E*R*D (2009)

Courtesy that

Before Pharrell Williams blurred the lines with Robin Thicke and also got lucky through Daft Punk, he was the lead vocalist and also drummer because that the band N*E*R*D. Created by Pharrell in addition to Chad Hugo and Shay Haley, N*E*R*D combine rock, hip-hop and funk to create their unique style. Their funky, soulful music got UCSD swaying at the 2009 sun God Festival, but — regardless of having a name reflective the the median UCSD student — N*E*R*D can not quite capture the high-intensity vibe that festival-goers crave.

Naftali Burakovsky, Editorial Assistant

T.I. (2007)

Courtesy the Drai’s Live

When that performed at sun God Festival 2007, T.I. To be a recognizable surname in trap music who got much that his popularity from his collaborations with assorted artists — Destiny’s Child, Justin Timberlake and 2Pac, to surname a few. T.I. Listed the crowd at 2007’s sunlight God Festival with a decent performance the was reasonably enjoyable yet mostly forgettable. Favor his music, mediocrity can’t compare to the other rappers who have headlined sun God Festival.

— Ellysa Lim, Contributing Writer

Wiz Khalifa (2011)

Courtesy of upstream Muzik

Wiz Khalifa, whose phase name way “wise successor” in the Arabic language, was a center success in ~ UCSD’s 2011 sunlight God Festival. The hip-hop artist and also rapper flourished up a armed forces brat, and also his non-traditional poly-cultural upbringing is reflect in his music, indigenous his earliest mixtape debuts as an exploring teenager come his award-winning solitary “Black and also Yellow.” In his undeniably high-energy sun God Festival headlining performance, that was challenging to discern whether the audience was more hypnotised through Wiz’s rhythmic rapping or the constant bobbing the his black and yellow foxtail keychain, attached to slowly sinking slacks.

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— Megan Chang, Contributing Writer

Snoop Dogg (2015)

Courtesy the DigitalMediaUpdate

UCSD students who planned top top attending sun God Festival guess the very charismatic Snoop Dogg come unforgettably take it the phase last year. The marijuana enthusiast yielded interactive performances of tracks like “Young, Wild and Free” and the classic “What’s mine Name?” that obtained the audience enthusiastically chanting along, a perfect clues in top five for audience engagement. Snoop recorded the perfect the end festival vibe with simply the best amount that mellow “smoke weed everyday” anthems and also freestyle raps. And if the wasn’t enough, that mischievously wrapped increase his performance through a much needed pre-finals an ideas to “smoke weed motherfuckers.”

— Melissa Palafox, Staff Writer

Drake (2010)

Courtesy the Huffington Post

Say what girlfriend want about Drake, but there’s no denying his electrifying stage presence. The at least should place him third among our perform of sunlight God Festival headliners. This Canadian hip-hop artist headlined sunlight God Festival 2010’s varied lineup, topping the festival off v hit singles like “Best I ever Had” and a freestyle rendition that “The Resistance.” The ideal part? the hyped up the group by choose a random girl native the audience and wooing her onstage.

Derek Deng, Staff Writer

Diplo (2014)

Courtesy of run the Trap

When Diplo perform at sunlight God Festival in 2014, the already achieved legendary status amongst DJs, producers and also listeners about the globe. His resume consisted of the songs “Paper Planes,” developed alongside his then-girlfriend M.I.A., “Look in ~ Me Now,” the flossy and also painfully attractive beat to which kris Brown “gets paper” and a Grammy nomination because that Producer of the Year. Having actually been ~ above the scene because 2003, Diplo knew just just how to slay the sunlight God Festival audience with his properties bass-heavy, optimistic set. Aligning perfectly v the tastes of the college student body, Diplo’s popularity and subsequent success at sunlight God Festival 2014 seems to be nothing much less than a blessing from sun God himself.

Matthew Zamudio, Contributing Writer

Kendrick Lamar (2013)

Photo by Nicolas Arias

Ironically, sun God Festival’s ideal headliner the the critical 10 years is additionally one that the much more drug and alcohol-resistant rappers in the game: the always-faithful Kendrick Lamar. Though he no necessarily support hefty drinking or smoking, he is absolutely because that partying, i beg your pardon comes through in his lively performances; the has, in the past, quit the collection when the crowd wasn’t rowdy enough. Despite his place at the straightedge finish of the spectrum, Kendrick’s tremendous body the music and knowledge of how to work and excite an audience do for a headliner that sunlight God Festival has yet to match.