Sum 41 channel your inner device Of A down on this song, where they get uncharacteristically political, decrying a Western society that mongers battle (like in Iraq) and also turns a remote eye come suffering. Lead singer Deryck Whibley called MTV: "It"s about the state the the world, and also how it"s pertained to be like this. Directly or indirectly, anyone is somehow to reprimand one method or another. Whether you have straight involvement or you just pick to be ignorant, we all have some type of involvement."
The band increased their horizons in might 2004 when they travel to the democratic Republic that Congo v the War child Canada relief organization. Many of their third album was written when they acquired there, however after arriving, Whibley acquired the idea for a song dubbed "We"re all To Blame." Then just a few days into the trip, gunfire broke out close to their hotel and also they were rushed to safety and security by a UN peacekeeper called Chuck Pelletier. Whibley shed his train that thought, but when the tape flew earlier to Toronto, he remembered what he wanted to create about. With aid from his bandmates, he perfect the song and they tacked it on to the album, i m sorry they named Chuck in respect of Pelletier. The song was released together the first single native the album.

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Chuck native Kewaskum, WiI think this track could also be saying we (most the humanity) room all come blame for all of the battle and an unfavorable thing going on approximately the world... Prefer inocent people dieing and also stuff favor that.Angela native Sacramento, CaThe music video is a parody of part old television display called solid Gold. It has actually the band play on phase with the solid yellow dancers dancing about them and cheesy star transitions throughout the video.Miki from Vrbas, Gathis is just one of the best sum 41 songs,it looks as with they have actually grown up!see much more comments
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