George Strait’s Strait out of the Box: part 2 will come to be avalible specifically through Walmart on Nov. 18th. The collection features a three-disc, 56-track collection including 36 fight singles plus two brand new songs co-written through Strait along with 18 selection album cuts, every personally selected through the King of nation Music.

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Strait the end of the Box: component 2 spans two decades of Strait’s job from 1996 to 2016 and follows the extremely successful, 8x Platinum-selling 1995 release, Strait the end of the Box.

photo: UMG Nashville
“Going ago through every the songs because that this box collection does bring back a many old memories,” claims Strait. “A most them we taken into consideration for radio singles and also for every little thing reason, we simply picked other else. That was no that tough to pick them after ns looked with them because there are just so numerous that room my favorites.”

The two new songs, “Kicked Outta Country” (George Strait/Jamey Johnson) and “You Gotta Go through Hell” (George Strait/Bubba Strait/Dean Dillon) space the very first new recordings exit from the country music legend because 2015’s Cold Beer Conversation album.

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Strait the end of the Box: part 2 monitor Listing

Disc 1 (1996-2000)

“Blue clear Sky”“Carried Away”“Rockin’ In The arms Of your Memory”“I deserve to Still make Cheyenne”“Round around Way”“Carrying your Love through Me”“One Night in ~ A Time”“Today My civilization Slipped Away”“The Nerve”“I just Want to Dance v You”“True”“Maria”“We really Shouldn’t it is in Doing This”“Meanwhile”“Write This Down”“The best Day”“Looking the end My home window Through The Pain”“Go On”

Disc 2 (2001-2008)“She’ll leave You v A Smile”“Run”“Living and also Living Well”“My Life’s been Grand”“Cowboys favor Us”“Desperately”“Four Down and also Twelve Across”“I hate Everything”“Seashores the Old Mexico”“She Let herself Go”“Give that Away”“Wrapped”“It just Comes Natural”“Texas Cookin’”“How ’Bout lock Cowgirls”“Come top top Joe”“Troubadour”“River of Love”“I experienced God Today”

Disc 3 (2009-2016)“Living because that The Night”“Out Of sight Out that Mind”“Arkansas Dave”“Love’s Gonna do It Alright”“Drinkin’ Man”“Shame on Me”“Here for A good Time”“House throughout The Bay”“Blue Marlin Blues”“I’ll always Remember You”“Give It every We obtained Tonight”“I simply Can’t go On Dying favor This”“That’s What break Hearts Do”“The Night Is Young”“I Believe”“Goin’ Goin’ Gone”“Everything i See”“Kicked Outta Country”“You Gotta Go through Hell”

With 60 No. 1 singles and an ext than 70 million documents sold, George Strait has an ext No. 1 song than any type of other artist and also is third only to Elvis Presley and The Beatles v the many Gold and also Platinum albums in history.