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Story of the Year - The black color Swan Reviewby Matthew Hastie . Words can not even begin to express Story the the Year to me. I had the privilege of seeing Story the the Year a couple of years back and was completely blown away by your live shows. Filled through sheer brutality, acrobatics, and also the basic goofing turn off that renders one wonder if they room at a comedy display or at a concert, the tape equally focuses the passion of their live shows right into every album. I"ve been a large fan due to the fact that Page Avenue come out in 2003, i beg your pardon featured incredibly well arranged songs and some the the many hook filled choruses the end there. Then came 2005"s In The wake of Determination once the band stepped a bit away from sing-song choruses to confront crushing guitars and epic chanting choruses. After some label issues, the tape joined Epitaph Records and also released your latest job-related The black color Swan which features the highlights that both your previous works. One point is clear; Story the the Year is no done. They room pissed off, have a bone to pick, and also yet they have grown up and also crafted few of the most beautiful songs of their career.The album kicks off with the heavy thrash filled "Choose your Fate" a track blasting president Bush. Before you chalk this increase to an additional group jumping ~ above the band-wagon, give the album a chance. The album goes soon to encompass countless things that room wrong with humanity in basic right now. The first single "Wake Up" adheres to next and is the trademark Story of the Year song, wailing guitars, thundering drums, singing, screaming, you name it. Song"s prefer "The Antidote" and "Message come the World" function blazing guitar solos the were popular on their last album In The wake of Determination. "Message to the World" likewise features a slight readjust in the band"s sound featuring djembes and African chanting in the outro. Other notable songs ~ above the album room "Apathy is a Deathwish", "Tell Me (P.A.C), the interlude "Pale Blue Dot", and also album closer "Welcome to Our new War". The album together a totality is phenomenal, no track feels unnecessary and also everything flows perfectly together. Through the perfect mix of radio friendly, song song, thrash, and also screaming to it is in a typical ground for any type of fan new and old, Story that the Year have released not just the finest album of their career, but possibly the best of 2008 for this reason far.

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Maybe they need to rename their band Story that the Decade due to the fact that I deserve to only hope that this is still simply the start of your career. CD Info and also LinksStory that the Year - The black color SwanRating: Preview and also Purchase This CD OnlineVisit the official homepage more articles for this artist.