The fashion show takes place once per year. If your residence is level 2 or higher (which is required to unlock the clothing closet), this festival unlocks approximately Fall 7. Speak to MC in the crossroads between 10:00 and 13:00 to participate. Because that your an initial time in ~ the fashion display (e.g., the beginning of the person rank), there room no unique requirements and also you simply need to look great or "chic." each time you victory the festival the difficulty rank increase along with the referee categories, which will certainly reflect on her calendar within your residence on autumn 1 of every year.

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The judgment categories will certainly be based on:

Style: Elegant, Wild, Natural, Lovely, or BizarreColor: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, White, or Yellow Culture: Westown, Lulukoko, Tsuyukusa, or Other

The entry for the fashion present is you! The clothing, eyewear, and also hat that you space wearing when you take part in the contest will it is in judged by Del Cossa the traveling fashion judge. The hair style, hair color, and eye color has no affect on her fashion sense. Even if it is the clothes is for boy or girl also does no matter during the fashion show.


Your clothing closet will tell girlfriend the style, color, and culture of each wearable item girlfriend have. Merely select an item in your closet and press the Y button to view its details.

The symbol in the upper-left edge will show the society using the towns" icon; the Other classification is significant with a watercraft icon. The culture is a factor if you are participating in the Legend location of the fashion show.

The format is a 9-point scale provided for each specific style. Some apparel items will have actually a few style categories and also some just have one. Because that contests that require a style, choose the outfit that has the many points in that format category. Part contests will list 2 styles, v the an initial style gift the main format to concentration on and the second style to be a sub-style.

At the bottom the the item profile is the color options. From veteran rank and higher, you will be asked to usage clothing, eyewear, and also hats that incorporate a particular color.

You will need to be wearing your fashion show choices when you speak to the festival MC at the Crossroads to enter the contest. You"ll walk up against three various other fashion models, through Del Cossa offering his opinion on each contestants"s fashion sense. If you"re the winner you"ll earn +1500 FP v the villagers and also +3 AP through the marriage candidates. If you don"t win you"ll still earn +500 FP and +1 AP.

For win the start rank you will obtain a random item prize. Because that Veteran and greater you will obtain the following prizes in sequential order:


Short Cheongsam clothingRuby Cheongsam clothing


Huipil clothingBlue Nordic dress clothingEthnic coat clothingBlue Cheongsam clothing


Wild Rocker clothingSnow coat clothingGothic dress clothing

Technical Details

Farmer Zuldaar has actually drafted a spreadsheet the the point out assigned to each garments outfit, eyewear, and also hats the may assist you tally your festival suggest values:

This festival is pretty straightforward to win now that you have clear information around each clothing item from in ~ your clothing closet. The fashion present judgment is based on the allude value of your wearable item plus any bonus points. To win the dispute you will have to earn:

Beginner: 1 come 6 points or more, no one-of-a-kind judgment criteriaVeteran: 11 come 18 point out or much more based on main style and also colorExpert: 25 to 36 points or more based on key style, color, and also sub styleLegend: 50 come 63 clues or much more based on main style, color, sub style, and culture

The points are largely tallied based upon the contest"s format times two. Because that example, if the layout being judged was Natural, and you wear something that has 7 organic points, you would certainly earn 14 point out (7 × 2 = 14). Top top the other hand, if her outfit had 7 Elegant points and also 2 organic points, friend would only earn 4 points because that the contest because Elegant is no being judged.

Clothing, hats, and eyewear have the right to all award style points. If you happen to wear something that has a Bizarre style and also you aren"t it is in judged in the Bizarre format category, that will certainly actually deduct points instead of include points.

After the base points you have the right to tally bonus points:

+5 points for equivalent the shade if the is a judgment criteria. This counts on every of the three pieces.+5 point out if corresponding the culture if that is a judgment criteria. This also counts on each of the three pieces.+10 clues if friend wear items that have actually 2 or fewer corresponding colors, usually a single- or bi-color bonus (e.g., all your items only have the red color and no various other color)+10 point out if girlfriend wear item that have 6 or much more colors, basically a multi-color bonus (e.g., you are wearing clothing that have actually red, blue, and white; her hat is black and also brown; and you have green eyeglasses)+10 clues if all three wearable pieces are from the same culture category+5 clues if you room wearing a Tasty matching collection outfit. These space the Dessert outfits, the Sweets outfits, and also the Fruit outfits.

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With so countless ways to knife points, you have the right to see how easy the is to victory the fashion show.