Sitting across from Steve Austin, utilizing a towel come hide each swig the beer that took, huge Show pulled no punches together he talked around his lengthy career.

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Openness and also unfiltered honesty powered huge Show"s podcast interview (warning: NSFW language) on the WWE Network after Monday"s Raw. The World"s biggest Athlete recalled the toxic environment that was the WCW locker room, criticized exactly how WWE has booked him and also revealed as soon as he to plan to hang up his tremendous boots because that good. 

WWE officials had to be seething as large Show allow a good number that expletives slip and also freely fired turn off his think on camera.

Thanks to his candor and chemistry through Austin, this to be an engaging interview from start to finish. Jason Solomon that PWMania is among those who believe it was Austin"s ideal podcast yet:

Jason Solomon

That critical hour that #Raw would've been infinitely much better if lock would've just aired the stone Cold Podcast with large Show. Finest one yet!

During the course of big Show"s storytelling, that pulled ago the curtains to let us gain a great look behind the scene at both WCW and also WWE and at his past, present and also future.

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Influences, Mentors

A myriad the hands and also minds had a component in shaping huge Show. That told Austin about all the veterans who proved him the finer point out of the mat game.

Triple H and also Terry Taylor an initial trained the big man. Triple H reportedly jokes that huge Show shouldn"t tell civilization he trained him, though.

He also credited Undertaker through being crucial to his success. 

The Deadman was a mentor and also a coach to him, always in his ear, advertise him to it is in better. Large Show said that Undertaker was difficult on that but "poured so much knowledge into me."

WWE Network

"Sometimes I'd walk come the ago and he'd be over there waitin' ~ above me..." -
WWETheBigShow top top #Undertaker #StoneColdPodcast

Austin aided large Show as soon as he landed on the WWE stage, too. 

The two worked together throughout a tourism of Europe. At first, Austin to win on him, conquering the matches. Eventually, he learned come play the function of huge better. That meant not selling his opponent"s violation as much, and being more aggressive. 

Big display remembered one night wherein Austin offered him seven stunners, and the crowd flourished louder every time. It was an eye-opening moment, as rock Cold proved off his mastery of functioning the audience. 

Hulk Hogan was clearly vital to big Show"s rise. His name"s popping increase on WWE programming was one of the more surprising aspects of the night.

Hulkster not Erased

Last year, as soon as Hogan"s racially charged rant (contains edited NSFW language) leaked, WWE promptly distanced itself from him. It fired the from WWE difficult Enough. That wiped that from and video clip packages top top TV. 

Either WWE is softening its stance, or big Show angered anyone in fee on Monday night. He brought up Hogan a ton.

Hulk HoganThearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The World"s largest Athlete remembered Hogan informing him early in his career the he would certainly be much better off going come WWE. The Hulkster told the McMahon would make the a star.

Big display told one embarrassing anecdote whereby Hogan called him to wear his world title together he make his means through plane security. The large man proudly displayed his yellow as other wrestlers mockingly called him "champ." Austin later on revealed the wearing a championship out prefer this is a huge faux pas in the business. 

Remembering exactly how Hogan very first helped acquire him right into the business and also vouched for him, large Show had plenty to say around The Hulkster. Hogan"s surname was mentioned an ext in this interview 보다 it has actually been ~ above WWE TV and in the last year.

Maybe that"s simply a an outcome of sufficient time passing because word of Hogan"s controversial tirade emerged. Or maybe huge Show deserve to do what he wants at this point.

It"s no as if one can tell the big Show story without consisting of Hogan.

WCW vs. WWE 

The stories around the backstage setting as WCW reached his apex and also soon came crashing down never get old. And large Show had plenty the them.

When he first started functioning for the company, the vibe to be relaxed. Big Show described a scene where wrestlers played gin and also dominoes. Points were easy earlier then.

That was even true with WCW thrusting him onto center stage.

Big display during his WCW days.Credit:

He won the people title in his first match, dethroning Hogan in the process. Suddenly, a rookie was required to be one of the deals with of the promotion.

Of the pressure he felt together champion, large Show said he had actually "no idea how to take care of it."

That was nothing compared to how things would adjust during the Monday Night Wars. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash arrived, birthed the new World Order and also transformed the company. Big Show speak of just how panicked his peers to be then.

No wanted to it is in a babyface the opposite those guys. Lock were as well cool, also popular.

The large man stated it felt favor no one was really in charge. He described the environment as "vicious dog snapping in a corner."


Coming from WCW, why was
WWE for this reason intimidating for
WWETheBigShow? #StoneColdPodcast

WWE was different. Huge Show claimed things were more professional. Wrestlers were hungrier, together everyone looked come outdo every other and also put on the ideal match the the night.

Still, huge Show was no firm man in the interview. When Austin inquiry him how he felt about how WWE has actually used him, he claimed the booking has been "horrendous."

Too often, the firm went because that the quick fix rather than the ideal one. He attributes his continuous flip-flopping from babyface to hoe to the approach. He knows full well WWE has switched him ago and forth too often.

"I"ve had more turns than NASCAR," he told Austin. 

On Retirement

Big present isn"t excellent yet.

He is still enjoying gift in the ring, even though he stated he has done all he deserve to do in terms of championships. "I have fun every day ns go to work," the said.

While he claimed he"s no retiring at any time soon, the told Austin the he think he has two years left in him.

People chanting "Please retire!" in ~ him plainly doesn"t bother him. He laughed at the cite of those chants. He claimed that the people who say the to him "don"t understand what the product"s about."

Big show says he"s cursed to helping the next chop of stars, whether that way losing to who or help them out through advice. He speak of working v younger men to improve their timing, presence and also attitude.

If that"s the case, that only ups large Show"s value. WWE is gaining a player-coach of sorts.

And fans don"t need to worry about him pushing to success the imperial Rumble or grab an ext gold. He claimed he doesn"t care about accolades, that he rather simply desires to be known as someone that loved the business.

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