FILE - Norm Macdonald appears at KAABOO 2017 in San Diego on Sept. 16, 2017. MacDonald, a comedian and previous cast member on "Saturday Night Live," died Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021, after a nine-year fight with cancer that he retained exclusive, according to Brillstein Entertainment Partners, his management firm in Los Angeles. He was 61.

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Amy Harris / AP

Comedian Norm Macdonald, a former “Saturday Night Live” writer and perprevious that was “Weekend Update” organize as soon as Bill Clinton and also O.J. Simpson offered comic fodder throughout the 1990s, has died.

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Macdonald, who was 61, died Tuesday after having actually cancer for nine years, but maintaining it personal, according to Brillstein Entertainment Partners, his management firm in Los Angeles.

He never before got to the very same television heights after being fired from “SNL” in 1998, yet was an indefatigable stand-up comic and renowned talk show guest whose fatality provoked an outputting from fellow comedians.

“Norm remained in a comedy genre of his very own,” tweeted Sarah Silvermale. “No one prefer him on this earth. Please do yourself a favor and also watch his stuff.”

Macdonald, the child of 2 schoolteachers, was raised in Quebec City, Canada. He was a stand-up comic and briefly a writer for the sitcom “Roseanne” as soon as he was picked to join the cast of “Saturday Night Live” in 1993.

He became known for his esoteric impressions, including Burt Reynolds, that offered Will Ferrell’s Alex Trebek character grief on “Celebrity Jeopardy.” He also impersonated Bob Dole, Larry King and David Lettermale.

His deadpan style and also skills as a writer made him the option to hold “Weekend Update.” Simpkid was a favorite targain. Macdonald opened up the fake newsactors the week of the previous footround star"s acquittal on murder charges by saying, "Well, it"s ultimately main. Murder is legal in the state of The golden state.

Macdonald was fired in the middle of the seaboy in 1998 by NBC Entertainment executive Don Ohlmeyer, a frifinish of Simpson"s that reportedly didn"t appreciate the ""SNL" star making Simpchild the near-constant butt of jokes.

“I was never bitter,” Macdonald sassist in the dental history “Live From New York,” released in 2002. “I always taken that Ohlmeyer can fire me, bereason he was the guy who owned the camperiods, so that didn"t bother me. I was constantly happy that ‘SNL’ offered me a opportunity.”


He went on Letterman"s present to announce that he was fired. Throughout a commercial break, Lettermale asked him, “This is favor some Andy Kaufguy point via fake wrestling, right?" Macdonald recalled. But it wasn"t.

Letterman was a fan that made Macdonald one of the guests in the CBS “Late Show” host"s last run of shows.

In 2016, Letterguy told The Washington Blog post, that the show would certainly have had actually Macdonald on eincredibly week "if we might.""

“He is funny in a means that some civilization inhale and also exhale, “ Letterguy told The Blog post. "With others, you deserve to tell the comedy, the humor is considered. With Norm, he exudes it ... Tright here might be world as funny as Norm, however I don"t recognize anybody who is funnier.”

The Post"s story was headlined, “Will Somebody Please Give Norm Macdonald Another Sjust how.”

As if to answer, Netflix 2 years later on aired 10 episodes of an interwatch series, “Norm Macdonald Has a Sexactly how." Guests included Letterman, Lorne Michaels, Jane Fonda and also Judge Judy Sheindlin.

He had limited success in various other TV endeavors. He produced and also starred in the ABC sitcom “The Norm Show,” later shortened to “Norm,” playing a former NHL player kicked out of the league for gambling and also taxation evasion and also compelled right into area business as a social worker.

A Comedy Central show, “Sports Sexactly how through Norm Macdonald,” lasted just a handful of episodes, but he kept busy in comedy clubs.

“In my mind, I"m just a stand-up,” he told The New York Times in 2018. “But various other world don"t think that. They think, "oh, the male from ‘SNL’ is doing stand-up currently,"”

Jim Carrey tweeted that Macdonald was “an honest and also courageous comedy genius.” Seth Rogen said he essentially ripped off his delivery as soon as he started acting.

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“No one could make you break favor Norm Macdonald,” Jon Stewart said on Twitter. “Hilarious and also unique.”


Associated Press writers Andrew Dalton in Los Angeles and Hillel Italie in New York added to this report.