after ~ talk surrounding Steve Johnson moving to brand-new England, he ended up choosing the Chargers. Is that the finest move for his career?
~ speculation that he"d go to brand-new England, Steve Johnson has actually reportedly determined to authorize a three-year contract through the mountain Diego Chargers.

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Johnson is just one of the countless players exiting mountain Francisco this offseason.

Johnson will fill a void in san Diego left by Eddie Royal, that signed v the Bears critical week. Through Keenan Allen still in the fold, Johnson will certainly be no an ext than the third option in the Chargers passing assault behind at least Allen and also Antonio Gates.

he will must gel v Philip Rivers conveniently to surpass Malcom Floyd on the depth chart, too.

Johnson"s Metrics

depending upon who girlfriend ask, Johnson may have actually been unconvinced to go back to the AFC East due to the fact that his old girlfriend Darrelle Revis is back in new York. Regardless of the reason, it seems as though Johnson determined the much better option offered potential opportunity.

last year with San Francisco, Johnson saw just 50 targets, by far the shortest he has seen over the past five seasons. Not included his injury-plagued 2009 campaign, his 35 receptions last season was the lowest mark due to the fact that his 2008 rookie season.

He included three touchdowns in san Francisco, but showed up to absence the spark that the 49ers were searching for in the happen game.

as soon as you look at Johnson"s metrics, however, you begin to check out that the surface ar numbers don"t tell the entire story. For example, his Target Net supposed Points (NEP) total, which tells united state the number of expected clues Johnson included on all of his targets, was the greatest of his job at 24.83. This probably has actually a lot carry out with the reality that he"s play with bad quarterbacks in the past, however his Target NEP full was actually 2nd best top top the 49ers last year, behind only Anquan Boldin.

From an effectiveness standpoint, Johnson"s agree NEP every target was additionally a job high 0.81, i beg your pardon was best on the 49ers critical year.

Perhaps there"s a little more left in the tank, after ~ all...

I"m certain playing v Tom Brady was an enticing choice for Johnson, but the man in mountain Diego isn"t too shabby himself.

Philip Rivers had actually another solid season in 2014, finishing eighth within our happen NEP metric. Compared to Kaepernick, that finished 21st in the same metric (right behind Andy Dalton, because that reference), Johnson is getting a far-reaching upgrade in ~ quarterback -- an upgrade he"s never seen before.

When changed for stamin of schedule, the Chargers finished nine in the NFL last year in pass NEP.

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One that the biggest pertains to with Johnson is his health, together he"s let go seven gamings over the previous two seasons. However given his metrics critical year and also the truth that he"ll lastly be playing with a strong quarterback, it"s challenging to no think positively about this move for Johnson. He certainly fills a void the the Chargers essential to fill.