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Jaguar has actually a flashy brand-new advertisement for its brand-new F-PACE SUV, and while the automobile is absolutely an attention-getter, the actual star the the 1-minute advertisement is a guy who to know a thing or two around the cosmos — Stephen Hawking.

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The physicist plays a Bond-type rogue of species in the advertisement called “The Arrival.” that interacts v a young guy who has actually just came down on his mountain home in the Jaguar.

“You’re late,” Hawking says. “Yes, together you well know, time is a loved one concept,” the guy says. “Don’t be a clever aleck,” Hawking replies.

Hawking, 74, posted about his illustration in the advertisement via his Facebook web page this week.

You all understand me together Professor Stephen Hawking, the physicist wrestling v the great concepts that time and space. But there is another side come me the you might not know: Stephen Hawking the actor. I have constantly wanted to it is in in a movie playing the component of a common British villain. And also now, thanks to Jaguar my wish has actually come true. Ns am proud to current the premiere of the launch commercial because that Jaguar’s an initial performance SUV, the brand-new Jaguar F-PACE. -SH

The ad is directed by Tom Hooper, the Oscar winner behind the 2010 movie “The king’s Speech.” He additionally directed “Les Miserables” (2012) and also “The Danish Girl” (2015.) His previous job-related for Jaguar, “Rendezvous,” was built roughly the template of British actors who always seem come play villains in movies and also starred Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong.

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