To administer financial information about the reporting reality that is valuable to existing and also potential investors, lenders, and also other creditors in make decisions around providing sources to the entity (SFAC 8)
No, they space issued by FASB. The SFAC administer the structure for composing rules, essentially the rules for writing the rules, and also are no authoritative and also not GAAP.

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Primary customers of gaue won reporting room investors, lenders, and also other creditors who should rely ~ above reporting reality to administer information to them. Regulatory entities and also general public room not taken into consideration primary customers according come SFAC 8.
1) details that is beneficial to potential/existing investors, lenders, and also creditors (primary users)2) Information around the report entity"s legacy (economic resources) and also claims (liabilities).3) changes in economic resources (assets) and also claims (liabilities).4) Financial power reflected through accrual accounting and previous cash flow5) alters in economic resources (assets) and claims (liabilities) not resulting from financial performance.
What are the statements of Financial bookkeeping Concepts intended come establish?a) usually accepted accountancy principles in financial reporting by company enterprise.b) The definition of "Present reasonably in accordance v GAAP."c) The objectives and also concepts for use in arising standards that financial audit and reporting.d) The power structure of resources of normally accepted audit principles.
The best answer is C. SFAC space the rules the the FASB uses to compose the rules. They provide the theoretical framework.
According come the FASB conceptual framework, the missions of financial reporting for business enterprises room based on:a) GAAPb) Reporting because that regulatorsc) The require for conservatismd) The needs of the individuals of the information
D - The requirements of the individuals of the information. The jae won reports are supposed to carry out information come the main users.
Hierarchy of accountancy Qualities: Pervasive constraints average the benefits of offering the information (financial reports) exceed the costs. True or false.
Hierarchy of accountancy Qualities: basic qualitative qualities include two parts of decision usefulness:
Relevance and Faithful Representation. Just how relevant is the transaction and how faithful is it represented.
Hierarchy of accounting Qualities: an essential qualitative personalities of decision usefulness - Relevance: define predictive value and also confirmatory value.
Predictive value - looking in ~ past activity to identify what happens in the future. Confirmatory worth - confirmation of what occurred in the past.
Faithful representation - Valuing problem of a transaction end it"s form of a transaction when doing reporting of jae won information. This requires three items:
Comparability - same audit period, two different companies(Consistency - one company, multiple accountancy periods)Verifiability - Directly and also indirectly verifying Timeliness - Accuracy bring away longer. Understandability
Consistency helps attain comparability since it helps the user do comparisons across multiple bookkeeping periods. One company, multiple bookkeeping periods.
According come FASB conceptual framework, the relationship of giving information in jae won statements is subject to the constraint of:a) Comparabilityb) Cost-benefitc) Reliabilityd) Faithful representation
B - The FASB conceptual framework has determined the cost advantage constraint come the relationship of giving financial reports. Information is no disclosed if the prices outweigh the services of disclosing the information.
The boosting qualitative features of financial report are:a) Relevance, reliability, and faithful representationb) Cost-benefit and materialityc) Comparability, verifiability, timeliness, and also understandabilityd) Completeness, neutrality, and also freedom indigenous error
According to SFAC, neutrality is one ingredient of: Faithful depiction Relevancea) correctly Yesb) yes Noc) No Yesd) No No
B - Neutrality is flexibility from bias. Unbiased info would always be much more faithfully represented.

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According come FASB conceptual framework, i m sorry of the adhering to is boosting quality that relates come both relevance and also faithful representation?a) Comparabilityb) Confirmatory valuec) Predictive valued) liberty from error
a) Comparability. It is raising quality and the best selection of the group. B & C room relevance. D is faithful representation.
What is the underlying concept that support estimating a resolved asset disability charge?a) substance over formb) consistencyc) matchingd) faithful representation