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You can"t whiff on your Week 16 fantasy begin "em, sit "em decisions. We can"t whiff on our Week 16 fantasy lineup advice. So, let"s pond this thing together, success some fantasy football championships (or NFL DFS cash), and also have a wonderful Christmas. 

Once again, injuries will certainly play a function in the lineups you placed out over there for your fantasy location game. The height players come watch incorporate Dalvin chef (shoulder), chris Godwin (hamstring), Mike Evans (hamstring), JuJu Smith-Schuster (knee), Evan Engram (Foot), DJ Chark (ankle), Nelson Agholor (knee), Greg Olsen (concussion), Gerald Everett (knee), Jordan Howard (shoulder), Damien Williams (ribs), and Kerryon Johnson (knee). 

WEEK 16 NON-PPR RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running ago | vast receiver | Tight finish | D/ST | Kicker

Fantasy Football mainly 16 begin "Em: Quarterbacks

Regular starts

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs (at CHI), Lamar Jackson, Ravens (at CLE), Deshaun Watson, Texans (at TB), Russell Wilson, Seahawks (vs. ARI), drew Brees, Saints (at TEN), Dak Prescott, Cowboys (at PHI), Aaron Rodgers, Packers (at MIN)

Stronger starts

Ryan Tannehill, Titans (vs. NO).

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whether he does it with passing or running, he’s to be a continuous multiple-TD maker since taking over. He’ll find a means to do some an essential plays again, although his ceiling could be lower offered how the Saints space playing.

Matt Ryan, Falcons (vs. JAX). he’s at house with a red-hot Julio and also other solid weapons minus Calvin Ridley, and the Jaguars’ defense isn’t that scary.

Kyler Murray, Cardinals (at SEA). He need to need to litter a ton and also maybe run plenty, too, and the Seahawks’ happen defense is yes, really hurting.

Philip Rivers, Chargers (vs. OAK). the melted under in the an initial matchup ~ above the road, yet the Raiders’ reeling happen defense has gained a lot worse since.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, dolphins (vs. CIN). that yet an additional revenge game, and also even despite the Bengals’ happen defense has actually been better, the can get you pleasing streaming number from both gunslinging and also running.

DFS bargains

Drew Lock, Broncos (vs. DET, $5,600 ~ above DraftKings, $7,300 top top FanDuel). Lock no afraid to throw downfield and also has pretty an excellent weapons who can obtain deep. He faces a Lions defense ago home that offered up huge play after big play last week.

Dwayne Haskins, Redskins (vs. NYG, $4,700 ~ above DraftKings, $7,000 on FanDuel). This is together low you can go because that a starter, save for yet one more rookie, will certainly Grier, make his very first start. Haskins looked pretty an excellent against the Eagles, and this matchup at house is even better.

Deep streamers

Gardner Minshew, Jaguars (at ATL), Andy Dalton, Bengals (at MIA)

WEEK 16 PPR RANKINGS: Running earlier | wide receiver | Tight end

Fantasy Football main 16 Sit "Em: Quarterbacks

Weaker starts

Carson Wentz, Eagles (vs. DAL). The Cowboys’ happen defense has been up-and-down, but the Eagles must lean more on the operation again to defend their defense, giving him a limited ceiling ~ struggling badly in the an initial meeting.

Kirk Cousins, Vikings (vs. GB). Although gift at home helps after ~ the bad very first game against this good pass defense, friend can’t to trust his volume to come through.

Baker Mayfield, Browns (vs. BAL). The Browns winner the first meeting, yet the Ravens’ happen defense is a lot far better now.

Sam Darnold, jets (vs. PIT). that did OK against a AFC north nasty defense last week, but he won"t even do the well this time around.

Deep traps

Jacoby Brissett, Colts (vs. CAR), Mitchell Trubisky, bear (vs. KC)

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Fantasy Football mainly 16 begin "Em: to run backs

Regular starts

Christian McCaffrey, Panthers (at IND), Dalvin Cook, Vikings (if the plays, or Alexander Mattison, or Mike Boone, vs. GB), Saquon Barkley, Giants (at WAS), Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys (at PHI), Aaron Jones, Packers (at MIN), Derrick Henry, Titans (vs. NO), Leonard Fournette, Jaguars (at ATL), Alvin Kamara, Saints (at TEN), Nick Chubb, Browns (vs. BAL), Le"Veon Bell, jets (vs. PIT), mark Ingram, Ravens (at CLE), Todd Gurley, Rams (at SF), Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler, Chargers (vs. OAK), chris Carson, Seahawks (vs. ARI), Joe Mixon, Bengals (at MIA), mockery Jacobs, Raiders (at LAC)

Stronger starts

Marlon Mack, Colts (vs. CAR). Forget what you saw versus the Buccaneers and Saints. He is finally dealing with a sieve of one NFC south run defense -- in ~ home, come boot.

Miles Sanders, Eagles (vs. DAL). The rookie from pen State is now the focal suggest of the offense and also that won’t change, one of two people via to run or brief receiving, against the Cowboys. Boston Scott is usable in deep PPR leagues together a FLEX.

Kenyan Drake, Cardinals (vs. SEA). So much for much less volume. He i will not ~ duplicate the four-TD bomb as a RB1, but he can be a high-floor RB2 versus a banged-up defense with Bobby Wagner (ankle) among the hurting.

Devonta Freeman, Falcons (vs. JAX). The Jaguars are an extremely soft in the center with a bad replacement-level linebacker corps, and also the Falcons will certainly feed him plenty.

Tarik Cohen, bear (vs. KC). he’s the third option in their pass-happy approach, and the Chiefs’ linebackers can not cover him. He is a sneaky great PPR play.

DFS bargains

Phillip Lindsay, Broncos (vs. DET, $5,300 ~ above DraftKings, $6,300 on FanDuel). The game flow didn’t permit him to acquire a good workload in the snow in Kansas City in a great matchup. This is another strong one, only with great chance the Denver playing v a command for many of the game.

Adrian Peterson, Redskins (vs. NYG, $5,000 on DraftKings, $6,500 ~ above FanDuel). Old guy All Day has been impressive with his youthful burst, and he has a coach in invoice Callahan who loves him and wants to keep feeding him. Intend 20 much more touches in a good matchup.

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Fantasy Football main 16 Sit "Em: to run backs

Weaker starts

James Conner, Steelers (at NYJ). the looked OK, yet not great, in his return from shoulder injury versus the Bills, despite the receiving TD. The jets are really stingy versus backs and more vulnerable versus wideouts.

Kareem Hunt, Browns (vs. BAL). Chubb remains in after ~ what that did against the Ravens the an initial time, yet they are an excellent at extending backs in the passing game.

David Montgomery, bear (vs. KC). The Chiefs deserve to be leaky against the run, yet he’s game-script dependent and also this an ext screams checkdowns because that Cohen in trace mode.

Latavius Murray, Saints (at TEN). given Kamara isn’t putting up good numbers through volume and also not scoring, you can not go here in a large week.

All Chiefs, all Lions, every Dolphins. on Dancer, top top Prancer, top top Donner, top top Blitzen. Yes sir no way you must trust any type of of this is any capacity with every little thing on the line.

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Fantasy Football week 16 start "Em: broad receivers

Regular starts

DeAndre Hopkins, Texans (at TB), Michael Thomas, Saints (at TEN), Tyreek Hill, Chiefs (at CHI), Davante Adams, Packers (at MIN), Julio Jones, Falcons (vs. JAX), Keenan Allen, Chargers (vs. OAK), Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen, Vikings (vs. GB), Tyler Lockett, Seahawks (vs. ARI), Amari Cooper and also Michael Gallup, Cowboys (at PHI), Odell Beckham Jr. And also Jarvis Landry, Browns (vs. BAL), Robert Woods and also Cooper Kupp, Rams (at SF), Allen Robinson, bear (vs. KC), D.J. Moore, Panthers (at IND), Julian Edelman, Patriots (vs. BUF), Courtland Sutton, Broncos (vs. DET), DeVante Parker, dolphins (vs. CIN), D.J. Chark, Jaguars (if he returns, in ~ ATL)

Stronger starts

Terry McLaurin, Redskins (vs. NYG). He’s ago to being scary as his old Ohio State QB is locked right into him.

Tyler Boyd, Bengals (at MIA). The Dolphins cannot cover that in the slot.

DK Metcalf, Seahawks (vs. ARI). The Cardinals get burned by huge speedy external wideouts all the time.

T.Y. Hilton, Colts (vs. CAR). he’s a sneaky pat in his 2nd game back, together the Colts will get him in place to roast Donte Jackson in ~ home.

Darius Slayton, gold Tate and also Sterling Shepard, Giants (at WAS). All 3 produced against the Dolphins and this matchup is easier, and brand-new York is bound come throw more here v either Eli Manning or Daniel Jones.

James Washington, Steelers (at NYJ). Duck Hodges continues to be the QB, and he prefers the red-hot Washington downfield.

Dede Westbrook, Jaguars (at ATL). The Falcons deserve to be ripped personally by an excellent slot receivers with minimal cornerback depth.

DFS Bargains

Mike Williams, Chargers (vs. OAK, $5,000 top top DraftKings, $6,500 top top FanDuel). he’s suddenly found the finish zone in making large plays in continuous weeks. The Raiders’ secondary stinks, therefore take advantage of his price staying low for a 2nd straight game.

Curtis Samuel, Panthers (at IND, $4,500 on DraftKings, $6,000 ~ above FanDuel). Grier is an aggressive thrower, and the Colts’ secondary is a mess best now. He must take several shots in ~ Samuel deep and also some will come through.

Greg Ward, Eagles (vs. DAL, $4,200 ~ above DraftKings, $5,700 ~ above FanDuel). This is scraping the bottom the the barrel for the many viable play. The previous college QB deserve to you acquire decent return in a cash game and allow you fill up elsewhere.

Deep sleepers

Diontae Johnson, Steelers (at NYJ), Kenny Stills, Texans (vs. TB), Corey Davis, Titans (vs. NO)

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Fantasy Football mainly 16 Sit "Em: broad receivers

Weaker starts

A.J. Brown, Titans (vs. NO). Brown is plainly Tennessee"s No. 1 after ~ his so late rookie breakout. That have to make the the significant man because that the Saints’ secondary, and that means plenty that Marshon Lattlimore, a difficult draw because that an inexperienced course runner.

Kenny Golladay, Lions (at DEN). he will check out either double-teams or chris Harris Jr. Through a struggling rookie QB. No thanks.

Anthony Miller, bears (vs. KC). The Chiefs additionally are very great in the back end, so you can’t expand to that after Robinson.

Christian Kirk, Cardinals (at SEA). you can’t to trust him through a opportunity to check out a an excellent chunk the Shaquill Griffin.

Robby Anderson and also Jamison Crowder, jet (vs. PIT). castle shocked us v production versus the Ravens. That doesn’t happen again versus Joe Haden, Stephen Nelson and Minkah Fitzpatrick.

Tyrell Williams, Raiders (at LAC). great night and good luck versus his former teammate Casey Hayward.

Marquise Brown, Ravens (at CLE). His volume remains low, and also the Ravens must go run-happy ~ above the Browns.

Fantasy Football main 16 begin "Em: tight ends

Regular starts

George Kittle, 49ers (vs. LAR), Travis Kelce, Chiefs (at CHI), Darren Waller, Raiders (at LAC), Zach Ertz, Eagles (vs. DAL), Hunter Henry, Chargers (vs. OAK), Austin Hooper, Falcons (vs. JAX), Jared Cook, Saints (at TEN), mark Andrews, Ravens (at CLE)

Stronger starts

Jacob Hollister, Seahawks (vs. ARI). will certainly Dissly go the damage versus the league’s worst tight end defense in the first game. Now it’s his revolve at residence with no josh Gordon.

Dallas Goedert, Eagles (vs. DAL). he will perform some kind PPR damage as a glorified vast receiver.

Kyle Rudolph, Vikings (vs. GB). The Packers have had actually tight end problems of late, therefore he can easily score at home again.

Greg Olsen, Panthers (vs. IND). He likely wants to finish his job on a high note, and the Colts cannot cover him.

DFS Bargain

Noah Fant, Broncos (vs. DET, $3,700 on DraftKings, $5,900 ~ above FanDuel). Fant is emotion it downfield with fellow rookie Lock, and also they make for a nice alternative tournament stack. The Lions can’t cover noþeles in the deep middle, either.

Fantasy Football mainly 16 Sit "Em: chop ends

Weaker starts

Jack Doyle, Colts (vs. CAR). The Panthers still cover the place well also though castle struggle versus running backs and wide receivers.

Jonnu Smith, Titans (vs. NO). The Saints are great against chop ends with their safety and security play, and also he’s quiet in a committee.

Jason Witten, Cowboys (vs. PHI). emotion aside, you’re completely rolling the dice top top a TD here.

Mike Gesicki, dolphins (vs. CIN). The matchup no as great as girlfriend think it is, and also you can’t trust him acquiring the ball.

Tyler Eifert, Bengals (at MIA).

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The matchup isn’t as great as you think the is, and also you can’t trust him getting the ball.

Fantasy Football main 16 start "Em: Defenses

Stronger starts

Patriots (vs. BUF), Ravens (at CLE), Steelers (at NYJ), Broncos (vs. DET), Chiefs (at CHI), Seahawks (vs. ARI), Falcons (vs. JAX), receipt (at NE), Chargers (vs. OAK), Colts (vs. CAR)

DFS Bargain

Dolphins (vs. CIN, $2,900 on DraftKings, $4,000 top top FanDuel)

Fantasy Football mainly 16 Sit "Em: Defenses

Weaker starts

Vikings (vs. GB), Giants (at WAS), Texans (at TB), jets (vs. PIT), Rams (at SF), Packers (at MIN), Eagles (vs. DAL), bears (vs. KC), Titans (vs. NO), Saints (at TEN), Cowboys (at PHI)