The Providence-Class Dreadnought served as among the CIS’s major battleships during the Clone Wars, and also giving flagships for many kind of leaders, allows take a look at them.

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The Providence-class Dreadnought or cruiser-carrier or carrier/destroyer was among the symbols of the Separatist forces in the time of the Clone Wars. These Dreadnoughts were powertotally armed ships that often offered as command posts ad flagships for the naval pressures of the Confederacy of Independent Equipment, and also with excellent cause.


The Providence-class was among the many powerful warships in their fleet, both in regards to raw firepower and also sheer size, and also versus an foe prefer the Republic, eincredibly advantage, also mental ones, were important. A single Provience-class ship would certainly outweigh and outmatch even an Imperial Star Destroyer in terms of sheer dimension, with a hull size of 2,177.35 meters. Add to that enough firepower to lug dvery own an entire trading fleet: fourteenager hefty quad turbolaser batteres, thirty-4 dual hefty laser cannons, twelve twin light point-defense ion cannons, 2 heavy ion cannons, twelve hefty flak firearms, and also one hundred and also 2 proton torpeperform launchers.


That alone would certainly make the Providence-course vessels imposing, but on top of that, they often lugged their very own squadrons of fighters–120 vulture droid starfighters, 120 droid tri-fighters, 10 droid bombers, droid gunships, even armored attack tanks and troop transports–consisting of as much as 1.2 million decaused fight droids. A single Providence-course Dreadnought was sufficient to subjugate a people.

And no Providence-course vessel is more popular than the Invisible Hand, which served as the flagship and individual vessel for General Grievous.


The Invisible Hand was a greatly modified Providence-course vessel, built as a coordinated effort between the Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps, Pamnant Docks, and Quarren engineers for the Trade Federation fleet. The vessel was huge enough to require tensor areas to store its hull from separating, and also was bolstered with added shielding and also tractor beam projectors to enable detainees and also prey aprefer to be carried onto the vessel for Grievous to manage personally.

The Invisible Hand also was especially outfitted for ground warfare, and was capable of delivering complete complements of fight droids, consisting of more powerful B2 Super Battledroids, IG-227 Droid Tanks, and also several hundred other ground vehicles. After the Malevolence was destroyed Grievous asserted the vessel as his very own, and also provided it to great effect, taking the Invisible Hand also to the heart of the Republic, invading Coruscant.

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Grievous’ history with individual ships continued uninterrupted though, and after he was combated off by Obi-Wan Kenobi and also Anakin Skywalker, the ship was sent out crashing right into Coruscants atmosphere, causing yet another of Grievous’ ships to crash and also burn.