A standard deviation (or σ) is a measure up of how spread the data is in relationship to the mean. Low traditional deviation method data are clustered approximately the mean, and high standard deviation suggests data are much more spread out. A typical deviation close to zero shows that data points space close come the mean, vice versa, a high or low conventional deviation shows data points space respectively over or listed below the mean. In image 7, the curve on optimal is much more spread out and also therefore has actually a higher standard deviation, if the curve below is more clustered about the mean and therefore has actually a reduced standard deviation.

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In this formula, σ is the conventional deviation, x1 is the data allude we are resolving for in the set, µ is the mean, and also N is the total number of data points. Let’s go back to the class example, but this time look at at your height. To calculation the typical deviation the the class’s heights, an initial calculate the median from each individual height. In this course there room nine students through an average elevation of 75 inches. Now the typical deviation equation looks favor this:


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The an initial step is come subtract the typical from every data point. Climate square the absolute worth before adding them all together. Now divide through 9 (the total number of data points) and finally take it the square source to with the typical deviation that the data:

Height in inch xMean µSubtract mean from each data pointx - µResultxSquare every valuex2Sum of Squares∑ x


Standard deviation σ=√x
567556 – 75-1936178487.19.3
6565 – 75-10100
7474 – 75-11
7575 – 7500
7676 – 7511
7777 – 7524
8080 – 75525
8181 – 75636
9191 – 7516256

This data reflects that 68% that heights to be 75 inches add to or minus 9.3 customs (1 conventional deviation far from the mean), 95% that heights to be 75’’ to add or minus 18.6’’ (2 typical deviations far from the mean), and also 99.7% the heights were 75’’ add to or minus 27.9’’ (3 traditional deviations far from the mean).