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The 2017 Sports portrayed Swimsuit issue tapped newcomers 24-year-old danielle Herrington as this year’s cover model, however some of her favorite familiar deals with reprised their functions inside the magazine, including previous cover girl, Ashley Graham.

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The 2016 cover star donned sexy bikinis as soon as again for the magazine (she was additionally featured in 2017) because that a photoshoot top top the dry island that Nevis photographed by Josie Clough.

Throughout the photoshoot she models ultra-skimpy bikinis, including suits from her own line, Swimsuits for all x Ashley Graham, and even a risky ultra-thin halter top. But at one point, she just stripped under to her skivvies and ditched her optimal all together.

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Halfway v the shoot she modeled bikini bottoms sans top and used the fail-safe modeling attitude to store her modesty: the hand bra. As with Gigi Hadid and Heidi Klum before her, Graham got an imaginative with her posing and also used her hands to cover it s her up, i m sorry you deserve to see in the video, above.

Get take self Ready, daniel Herrington! Tyra financial institutions Reveals she #1 Advice for the brand-new SI Swimsuit cover Model

On Instagram, Graham congratulated this year’s sheathe girl because that her vast accomplishment. “DANIELLE!!!! Tears of joy for friend this morning,” she wrote. “Congratulations on break even an ext barriers gift the 3rd black mrs to ever grace the sheathe of



Fellow SI Swim star, Tyra Banks, additionally congratulated Herrington in the sweetest, many emotional way. Banks has constantly been a version Herrington looked up to in the industry, and also SI Swim tapped banks to reveal the news the Herrington snagged the cover spot in dramatic America’s next Top Model fashion.

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Banks surprised Herrington v a serious disclose of she cover in a similar way she does on her hit show. And also as you have the right to see native the Instagram video, above, Herrington was shocked.

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