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ArtistAs cities Burn
21 June 2005
3.41 / 5.00.5 from 442 ratings
#728 because that 2005


T.J. Bonnette vocalsPascal Barone bassMike watt mixing engineerTroy Glessner masteringTroy Stains engineering, lap stole guitar3Jeremiah Edmund design
JEFFinSILENCE Nov 25 2008 5.00 stars
This album screams brilliance. That will never ever be excellent again. A true standard 21st century release. I deserve to honestly speak from start to finish is one of the biggest albums I've ever listened to, and also one that the just I would price perfect.

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SavQuota Apr 07 2020 ▼ 4.00 stars
4.50 stars 1 thus From my Lips, by Yours, mine Sin Is Purged
native the minute the an initial song starts, till the last song ends, this album it is provided relentless however dynamic hardcore brimming through flashy, complex guitar riffs and also emotional vocal performances indigenous both the Bonnette brothers.The Christian themes found within the lyrics room handled and delivered in a method which feels organic and easy unlike how I uncover a totality lot of other christian metal/rock acts the came into prominence throughout this time.Sonically this album is a new page because that post-hardcore/metalcore and marks a time once the concepts found in Refused’s “A form of Punk come Come” were acquisition hold, not just the blend of other genres right into that that hardcore which specifies the sound that so many post-hardcore bands the Refused popularized, fairly the pushing visceral idea of defining a sound previous genre that I think must have been a driving idea in the writing and also recording that the album. 2 songs yet stick out a little bit for a fall in quality, both “The Widow” and also “Wake Dead Man, Wake” have all the elements that work-related so fine in the songs prior other than they just have less.Solid album 8/10
This band has been on mine radar because that a long time. My brother had their CD insert tacked up on his wall when ns was cultivation up. I listened come them a bit, yet they were method too hefty for me at the moment (I had actually to have been ten.) i ran right into the music video clip for the single on the next record a couple of years later, and also these males have constantly sort of remained in the ago of my head.At first listen i thought, "Huh, this sounds like specify the an excellent Line." yet to my surprise, these men beat Underøath to the beat by virtually a year come the date with this one. This isn't fairly as heavy as define the an excellent Line however it has actually that noodly / skronky mathcore surrounding guitar and two singers, alternating screaming and also singing (of course.) they both cherish the sometimes cathartic singalong part they seem to litter in at random times in songs without any type of structure. And also hey, what's this? They're both Christian bands! They even toured with each other on Underoath's "final tour" in 2013.This really isn't all the bad. The etc playing is good for the style, a lot of sliding in and also out that ugly weird chords. There are a pair of hefty breakdowns on below too. I could see civilization that room into fall of trojan liking this a lot, and also hell I favor it to them this days. Put on "Bloodsucker Pt. II" and also join the faith.
Chilling, however beautiful. An amazing album lyrically, and also musically. Cody and T.J's enthusiasm for performing is difficult not come notice, and the fact that they room brothers provides them even an ext compatible to make deep, extreme music. V angelic melodies mixed in perfect harmony with crunchy, dirty distortion. Definitley not your median hardcore band a must have actually for any solidstate fan.
What one album this is. It's amazing on every counts, also if girlfriend don't like this genre. Take every the an unfavorable things around this scene, throw them in the garbage and also enjoy this amazing, passionate album. Quite maybe the biggest album the article hardcore genre has to offer.
brickwalker Aug 15 2007 1.00 stars
i dont acquire it. Whats so an excellent about this band? come me this seems choose just one more emo band. Ns dont acquire it.

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this cd is lame. The lyrics arent that good the screamer isnt an extremely good. This band is choose a devastating verison the underoath
An wild mix that hardcore and also rock n roll. It involves sweet singing and also scary yells. An excellent guitar work. No, this does no sound choose underoath.
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