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On Sunday, June 10th that 2018 the Slayer bye tour concerned Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Virginia. The tourism was supported by part other an excellent bands together well. Testament began things off, climate Poland’s blackened fatality metal band Behemoth play (it to be the band’s main man, Nergal’s, birthday) adhered to by Anthrax and then Lamb the God was straight support. I’m not going to obtain into all of their sets mostly since this article is about Slayer and secondly, I gained there during Anthrax’s set. However you deserve to see a couple of clips at the end of this post from Behemoth’s set that they post on social media. Anyways, this is a concert testimonial so of food the big question is, just how was the show?

First off, like all Slayer performances, the present was a lot of fun. Slayer go a kind of job retrospective collection list, i m sorry is a bit different than a “best hits” style collection list in that it had songs turn off 11 of their 13 albums. Only Diabolus in Musica and also the greatly punk consist of album Undisputed attitude weren’t represented in the set list (see the full set list here). They left a couple of classics off, most notably “Spirit in Black,” “Die by the Sword,” and the medley that “Altar the Sacrifice” and “Jesus Saves” that has actually been a clip of your live collection for decades. But they walk play “Blood Red” which hasn’t been in their touring collection list in countless years.

It seemed like almost every steel head from our area to be at the show to see Slayer one critical time. I ran into some that the dudes from Darkest Hour, Ant Scot to be crowd surfing in his wheelchair throughout the day and also Randy Blythe even lugged out regional politician/metal head Danica Roem on phase for a moment during Lamb the God’s set. The seemed almost everywhere I turned i ran into an additional regular indigenous the neighborhood scene, and I quiet didn’t see half the people I know were over there from see their posts on social media after the show.

Most that the bands play in the daylight but it to be dark by the moment Slayer take it the phase after 9pm. They had some great pyro impacts including open flames that lit up steel Slayer logos ~ above stage, and also giant fireballs that would shoot up behind them gradually with the music. If the existing line up is only half of the original members, Tom Araya and Kerry King, I had actually seen this same Slayer line up with Paul Bostaph top top drums and also Gary Holt the Exodus filling Jeff Hanneman’s shoes twice before. When in November 2013 (read our testimonial of that present here) and again in march 2016 (read our testimonial of that show here), both time at the Fillmore silver- Spring. What blew me away at those reflects was how tight the tape still was in spite of the line up changes. Slayer is probably best known for having written several of the most classic songs the the entire heavy metal genre however they are additionally known as a band the is incredibly well rehearsed and also tight live. Lock rip through blisteringly rapid songs completely in sync v each other and also they do it it seems ~ easy since they have actually practiced them so numerous times. It was outstanding that they could keep the up v two new members, something many bands that have that type of well rehearsed chemistry failure to execute after major line increase changes. But that chop chemistry wasn’t rather there this Sunday night in June. Gary Holt had actually some technical issues and had come swap his guitar out a few times, including throughout the beginning of “Hell Awaits” i m sorry left what can be Slayer’s finest intro riff sound off. Most glaring yet was Tom Araya fudging or possibly completely forgetting the lyrics to few of the songs. I can give this a pass if they to be songs off the later albums but, for example, in “South that Heaven” he recurring a verse that doesn’t repeat and also in “Angel that Death” he completely missed an entire verse that lyrics. This didn’t ruin the present by a long shot, it definitely didn’t make me suddenly protect against loving those classic songs yet it was the first time I’d ever before seen Slayer so out of sync live. I’ve viewed them live numerous times before. At the 9:30 Club, the long gone Nation/Capital Ballroom, the Baltimore Arena and also the aforementioned Fillmore silver- Spring. I’ve seen them before at Jiffy Lube Live on chaos Fest and even ago when it to be still called Nissan Pavilion I’ve checked out Slayer play over there as part of number of Ozzfests. This Slayer power was the very first time I had actually seen a tiny crack in the structure starting to grow.

Slayer play for about 90 minutes v none of that lame pre-rehearsed encore nonsense. They just gained up there and ripped for an hour and also a half straight while everyone went nuts. Gary Holt to be sporting a “Kill The Kardashians” shirt and brought the end his guitar that is painted in his very own blood a couple of times (backstory on that here). But the most memorable part of the show can be what happened after it just ended. ~ the finish of the collection Tom Araya wandered about on stage simply soaking in every the fans still screaming wildly because that the band in spite of the set being over. He eventually uncovered a mic and also thanked the pan for all the memories. I’m not sure if he did that at every stop on the tourism or simply ours, but it was rather a poignant moment, not something Slayer mirrors are typically known for. Quiet coming down from the adrenaline rush of a live Slayer performance, it was a sobering reminder the this to be the critical time we’ll be seeing Slayer in ours area.

I to be sad to see Slayer go, however this performance showed us why they are retiring. The seems favor Tom Araya’s heart simply isn’t in it any kind of more, something that has actually been hinted in ~ in interviews in other metal publications. I’d fairly see them walk on their very own terms than just come to be a sloppy caricature that the incredible band castle are. Ns did thoroughly gain the show though, despite its flaws. I’ve long held that no metal head have the right to sit tho while songs favor “Raining Blood” or “Angel that Death” are playing and this show was definitely no exception. Bang her head, throw the horns, jump into the mosh pit, you just gotta go crazy for Slayer! but it is the finish of an era, the an initial band the the large Four that thrash steel to retire. I love this area’s steel community and also it is always bittersweet come see one of the legends lug everyone the end to headbang to their tunes for one last time.

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Below you can see the photos i shot of Slayer indigenous the photograph pit (click them to see them larger) and also below those room some images and also videos that Behemoth that were post to your social media, including the audience singing “Happy Birthday” to Nergal.