They say all"s fair in love and also battle, and also it appears like the Siesta Key females took that to heart on Siesta Key Seachild 1 Episode 12. 

When the episode acquired undermethod, Juliette was still mad that Kelsey slept over at Garrett"s and even more importantly, that she was not told about it sooner. 

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She met up with Hannah and some other pals, and they spent the entire time bashing Kelsey. Hannah mentioned that it was around time Juliette found out the fact. 

Juliette referred to as Chloe who was through Kelsey and her side of the group at the beach. Chloe was quick to shut Juliette"s sordid clintends down. Tbelow was no means Kelsey and Garrett hooked up. 

This offered Juliette the courage to confront Garrett face-to-challenge, and she acquired dressed up for the occasion. She wanted to show Garrett what he"d be lacking if he stepped out of line aget. 

The pair comprised, and also all appeared right in the world. 


Elsewhere, Chloe was preparing for her 2second birthday party, and also her boss provided her the Tiki bar for the night. She, Canvas and also Kelsey decorated the place, and also this gave Kelsey and possibility to warn Canvas off of Brandon. 

Canvas was not ready to give up the fight and also basically told Kelsey she would carry out what she wanted. Someone demands to put this chick in her area. 

Who goes on a reality TV show to mess via relationships? It"s tacky and also embarrassing. 

While Chloe was reasoning about the party, she was likewise worried around her mother. Tbelow were spots in her brain, and also the duo figured she can have MS. 

Thanktotally, that was ruled out at an early stage, and also it enabled Chloe to continue planning her birthday bash. 


At the party, Madisson turned up the warmth on Canvas and also told her she would flush her head down the toilet if she went close to Brandon aget. Yes, we"re kidding around the last component, but at leastern she made Canvas aware that she was on to her game. 

Alex emerged from hiding and landed on the lavish event on a watercraft. Yeah, that"s how these children roll. He had actually a gift for Chloe, and also she was quick to foroffer him for whatever.

Garrett and also Kelsey started talking about what taken place in between them, however Juliette stormed off through Alex before she had actually a possibility to say anything to the pair. 

On the watercraft, Juliette and Alex ongoing to obtain closer, however then Garrett confirmed up to damage every one of their fun. He was mad bereason Juliette did not desire him near an ex, so why have to it be a different preeminence for her?


In the end, Kelsey, Chloe, and Madischild complained around Juliette, and also she heard the totality thing. The trio then sassist they hated her and also Alex. 

Alex went back to the party to discover out what was going on, yet Juliette took a swing for Kelsey and also tried to assault her. 

This put her also even more on the outs via the team, and prior to lengthy, she was kissing Alex on his watercraft. 

This is not going to end well. 

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Siesta Key Recap: Chloe's Birthday Battle Royale

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