Tableau is the most well-known interactive data visualization tool, nowadays. It gives a wide range of charts to discover your data easily and also effectively. This collection of travel guide - Tableau Playbook - will present all kinds of common charts in Tableau. And this guide will emphasis on the Side-by-side Bar Chart.

By evaluating a real-life dataset: survival of Titanic passengers, we will certainly learn how to build a side-by-side bar chart action by step. Meanwhile, us will attract some conclusions from our Tableau visualization:


From the over chart, we can see the measure is job numbers, the first dimension is program languages, and the second dimension is the year.

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Just together the literal meaning would command you come imagine, this graph compares the program languages for 2017 and 2018 jobs side by side. The is much much more explicit 보다 two different bar charts. To aid readers comprehend, a side-by-side bar frequently uses different colors to distinguish bars.

As a variation of a bar chart, a side-by-side bar chart is similar to a stack bar chart, other than it puts bars next by side instead of stacking them.

Both side-by-side bar and stacked bar charts add a second dimension based upon a conventional bar chart. But stacked bar charts often tend to present the part-to-whole relation. Through contrast, side-by-side bar charts emphasis on the sub-category comparison on the second dimension.

Like a bar chart, a side-by-side bar chart additionally supports both relative and absolute comparisons. It depends on the emphasis of her analysis.

The side-by-side bar chart has the limitation that sidebar numbers. That is an overwhelming to check out with a the majority of components. Two category of bars room the best practice. Three must be the upper bound. Four or an ext bars will be a mess; tough to explore any type of useful information.

In this guide, we proceed to usage the Titanic dataset. Many thanks to Kaggle and encyclopedia-titanica because that this dataset.

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We have learned about data importing and also preprocessing in the bar graph guide. You deserve to refer to it if you need to.