It"s a expression from the track "Short adjust Hero", and while i think I recognize it (This is not a location for human being who room not heroes), I find somewhat confuse the mix of all those negations; "ain"t" is "is not", so you might read it as "This is not no ar for no hero", wich doesn"t really seem to do a lot of sense.

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Then the song proceeds with

This ain"t no location for no much better man

Again with the negations and this "no much better man", that looks strange. I"ve viewed it in phrases favor i.e. "there"s no far better man because that the job", however what"s the definition here exactly?

Finally have the right to those unit volume be considered correct english or the songwriter took part licenses to do them right the song?

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Most of the time, particularly in "vernacular" speech, lot of negations space not intended come be construed sequentially, but rather as an intensified solitary negative.

The phrase "This ain"t no location for no hero", in regular speech, would be "this is no location for a hero." The additional negations increase it, leading to a sense an ext like "This is absolutely not a location for a hero."

Similarly, "This ain"t no place for no better man" means "This is no a place for a far better man."

These sorts of multiple-negation phrases room absolutely NOT taken into consideration correct, standard, grammar English, yet are usual vernacular.

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The chorus is:

This ain"t no place for no hero. This ain"t no location for no much better man. This ain"t no ar for no hero - To call "home."

The definition is: this is no place for heroes, this is no place for better men. This is a place for criminals, because that violent people, together no one else have the right to survive here. A hero would shot to be heroic, to readjust the place, and be persecuted and also killed for it, for this reason go back where you come from.

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The expression "This ain"t no place for no hero" to be coined by the United claims Military, leadership frequently told infantry combat soldiers "this ain"t no place for no hero" It method that you keep your head down and you monitor orders and you can just make it home. Any type of acts that heroism, is the fastest way to go residence in a human body bag. Yeah, they"ll remember you alright.. Yet you"ll it is in dead.

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First, allow me nitpick around another topic:

this "no far better man", the looks strange. I"ve checked out it in phrases like i.e. "there"s no far better man because that the job", but what"s the meaning here exactly?

This is an larger phrase, once the native "him" can often be seen as soon as referring to people of both genders, or an unidentified human being who might be a female. This phrase may likewise have come indigenous the time prior to women were typically a component of America"s workforce. So, don"t obtain worried around the term "man". This is indistinguishable to:

there"s no much better person to execute this task

If a human being is the ideal person for the task, climate nobody is much better than this person. If the human being does a trivial job, then there might be plenty of other civilization who would be able to do the job better.

Now, let"s move onto the main topic:

can those paragraph be taken into consideration correct nglish...?


I"m answering from my perspective of American English. There is a famous phrase:

“Ain’t” ain’t a word.

For a lengthy time, words “ain’t” has actually been relegated together a slang word. Words was considered absolutely inappropriate to use in specific circumstances, such as any type of formal intake including any kind of school assignment because that a child. Many dictionaries did no bother consisting of the word. (Newer dictionaries, an especially online dictionaries which deserve to be quite large without the price of published paper, might be more prone to display the word, so the a spbrickandmortarphilly.coming have the right to be identified and also a definition can be provided.)

Wikipedia"s write-up for “ain’t” says, “The usage of ain"t is a perennial topic of debate in English. Ain"t is generally used by countless speakers in oral or informal settings, particularly in particular regions and dialects. Its usage is frequently highly stigmatized, and it might be used” to identify human being are unfamiliar with proper speech, i beg your pardon may suggest they are much less educated.

In the spirit of the idea the “ain’t ain’t a word”, the track is purposely being a little unclear by choosing the incorporate the word. Normally speech is intended to communicate, however in this case, the song is sacrificing some clarity, and also is doing that for the benefits of having actually a little of fun. Numerous times, the primary goal of a song is no to communicate, however to have human being experience enjoyment. So, having actually some fun may be appropriate.

“This ain’t no ar for no hero”

The expression “no hero” deserve to rightfully be replaced with the expression “coward”. Ns am going come so part variations of the sentence, to make an evaluation be more clear.

“This ain’t no ar for a coward”

Maybe a hero would stand in a spotlight, honored because that the heroic deeds. An additional place of honor might be on peak of a podium, whereby winners are usually honored. Too many of people can see whoever stand there. Perhaps there is a “heroes hall”. Such areas are ideal for heroes come walk down. Together a location is not appropriate for unworthy civilization like cowards. Together a place can not it is in a location intended because that cowards. Such a place can be “no location for a coward”. Instead, the location is a an excbrickandmortarphilly.coment spot for a hero.

“This ain’t a good place for a hero”

However, “this place” might be a shelter, such as a little cave accessed by a surprise hole in the ground. Most human being would not even know around it. Such a location would be a perfect ar for a coward (not a hero).

So, over there you have an evaluation of breaking down the phrase, item by piece. It looks favor the less complicated version that the phrase is saying:

This is no location for heroes.

That renders sense: two of the negatives essentially finish up canceling each various other out, and also so you finish up with a remaining negative.

The expression seems to it is in saying that the place is perfect because that cowards.

... Except...

We"re making use of a triple negative, i m sorry is exceedingly rare in official English. So us are probably looking in ~ an extremely an overwhelming concept, or we space looking in ~ someone who is violating conventional rules. Since the native “ain’t” is gift used, us are most likely looking at who breaking the usual rules.

Sometimes, people use multiple negative to yes, really reinforce the point that what they have in mind is negative. Ns personally disagree with the statement indigenous Hbrickandmortarphilly.comion"s answer i m sorry says:

Most the the time, specifically in "vernacular" speech, many negations are not intended to be interpreted sequentially, but rather together an intensified single negative.

I disagree with the assessment that this is what wake up “most of the time”. However, i am basing that on opinion. I can certainly agree the I have actually seen human being speak that way, particularly when the human being is therefore wrapped up in emotion that they don"t pick their words carefully.

Actual Idea #1

So, my initial opinion (as one experienced native speaker), what is really trying to be connected is something an ext like:

“This is NO ar for someone who is no a hero.”

In various other words: You have the right to be in this place. However, you"re broken. You"re acting prefer a coward. You must fix this problem. Plot heroic. Then you will certainly deserve to be in this place.

Stop acting so embarrassing. Prevent being scared. Have confidence. Be brave. It is in impressive. It is in worthy that the location “hero”. Be heroic.

Edit History: I included to my answer, by adding this other idea (and related analysis near the end).

That idea, which was just mentioned, was simply my early stage thought. However, as I thought around this further, I thought that the person could have to be trying to interact a various idea.

Actual Idea #2

The idea, i beg your pardon was in reality trying to it is in communicated, can have been this: it is in normal. World who are recognized as heroes are frequently noticed because that doing miscbrickandmortarphilly.comaneous unusually heroic. Prevent trying to it is in a hero. Stop trying to be extra special. Simply do points the common way, i beg your pardon is the safe way, and the ideal away. Her attempts to be noticed, by gift unusual, space not evaluate here.

Summary Analysis

wich doesn"t yes, really seem to do a most sense.

I personally uncover the communication attempt to it is in a little bit unclear. It renders me have to think for a moment around what is yes, really being said. The is yes, really unfair, because the factor I need to think so tough is because the speaker did not think enough to choose words more carefully... Uneven the speaker wanted to do me come think about what is being said. Forcing me to sluggish down and think could have been the act of a genius who understands what impact the unclarity would have actually on me.

When ns think around the situation, I can probably think about whether the is encouraging me come think of the ar as a place for cowards or a place for heroes. The human being is more than likely really trying to say whatever actually renders sense in the situation.

Note that I mentioned two possible actual ideas, and they space really speak opposite things: “be a hero”, or “stop do the efforts to it is in a hero”. How have the right to we understand which idea is intended? The answer would certainly be come pay fist to part other accessible clues. I haven"t listened to the song, yet other words might let us recognize what idea the speak is actually trying come say.

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Since this is actually being stated as part of a song, informal decided (which violates formal rules of speech) may be very appropriate because that this form of informal, funny communication.