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Shay Banks-Young & Julia Jefferson: Descendants of President Thomas Jefferkid & Sally Hemings, his slave


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Free and also open up to the public.

When genetic testing completed in 1998 said that Thomas Jefferkid, 3rd president of the USA, bore kids through Sally Hemings, one of his slaves, it did not shock Julia Jefferson and Shay Banks-Young who have constantly believed their great-great-grandfathers were sons of Jefferson and Hemings.Banks-Young, who is babsence, is the great-great-great granddaughter of Madikid Hemings and also grew up in the ghetto. Her brand-new discovered cousin Jefferkid, who is white, is the great-great-good granddaughter of Eston Hemings and also thrived up in a privileged, white middle-course house.In this distinct presentation, the audience will have the possibility to listen in on their conversation and also hear these woguys talk around the distinctions and similarities they share. The two woguys desire audience participation for an interactive regimen. They hope their story will bring around even more hocolony and also open dialogue around these essential race problems.The conflict over this relationship in between President Jefferson and Sally Hemings, which appears to have lasted 38 years, leaves many kind of concerns around race relationships in the United States. Some historians, and also some members of Jeffersons household, still discrmodify the insurance claim of Jefferboy and Hemings connections.Jefferkid is a previous educator turned businesswomale and also Banks-Young is presently a preventative wellness trainer and also poet that has organized her very own public affairs talk show.With Each Other and also individually, Banks-Young and Jefferchild have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Sjust how, BET Tonight through Tavis Smiley and also Sally Jesse Raphael. They have actually additionally been interperceived by Time, U.S. News & World Report and also People. Jefferboy shelp of Banks-Young, She had to fight to acquire wright here she is. The 2 of us bonded and it isnt around color; it is around family members. We met on the Oprah display and we came to be immediate, firm rapid friends. Thirty of us met after Oprah and also we could recognize family members traits across the races.Anne Gordon-Reed, author of Thomas Jefferchild and Sally Hemings: An Amerideserve to Controversy, sassist on The NewsHour via Jim Leher, The point this reflects extremely plainly is that were not 2 sepaprice human being, babsence and also white; we are a human being that share a common culture, a widespread land, and it transforms out a common bloodline, and this is somepoint we havent wanted to attend to openly.The event is sponsored by the Plowshares Peace Studies Project, a teamwork of brickandmortarphilly.com, Manchester and also Earlham colleges that strives to connect communities and also educational organizations with imagiaboriginal means to deal with the difficulties of violence and also associated difficulties that challenge America and also the civilization today.