Seth Rollins and also Becky Lynch are right now WWE"s power couple. When they go public through their relationship last year, everyone was ecstatic. News that WWE"s two greatest stars dating sent shockwaves transparent the rings community. The pair received much more attention after ~ announcing they to be engaged.

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Rollins fans are thrilled through his engagement come Lynch. In the past, the wrestler competent a lot of problems in his an individual life the made headline news on wrestling sites. Of course, no one will ever before forget Rollins cheating top top his fiancee Leighla Schultz with former NXT wrestler Zahra Schreiber. ~ the debacle with Leighla and Zahra, Seth relocated on v Sarah Alesandrelli. Yet, the third time showed up not to be the charm because that Rollins. Also though he"s found happiness with Becky Lynch, fans haven"t forgotten around Seth"s former girlfriends. Because that today"s article, we"re walking to take a look at some stunning photos of Seth Rollins" exes.

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Rollins started dating Leighla Schultz as soon as he was wrestling top top the live independence circuit. Leighla was a large support to Seth throughout his career. Even though that was liven traveling the world and also competing in the ring, he made time for Leighla. During a few days turn off the couple jetted to ras Vegas for part fun.

Zahra Schreiber"s tattooed appearance is among the things that collection her personal from other female wrestlers. WWE observed a lot of potential in her and signed she in 2014.

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Zahra could"ve been their following star, but a collection of incidents eventually resulted in she being released by the agency in 2015.

Seth began dating buy it Alesandrelli in 2016. The couple was introduced by a shared friend, and also their pal happened to be wrestler Scarlett Bordeaux. Sarah and Scarlett were often photographed hanging out together, enjoy it a night that drinks and also dancing. Occasionally Seth would join the ladies for a fun-filled night.

Seth fans always thought that Leighla to be a beautiful woman. Functioning as a hairstylist and cosmetologist, Leighla understands the prestige of emotion pretty. During a day out running errands, she acquired dressed up, and completed she look v flawless hair and makeup. These days she proceeds her work-related as a beautician in ~ a salon in Iowa.

Zahra"s life to be stressful in ~ times and to to escape the pressure, she"d frequently hang out with her friend or go on a vacation. Throughout a bright, clear day she determined to lounge by the pool. Before jumping in for a swim, Zahra couldn"t resist posing for a photo in her brand-new swimsuit.

before dating Seth, Sarah worked as a bartender in Texa, and also later Chicago. As soon as she relocated to Iowa, Sarah determined to switch to a job in fashion. She started her very own online boutique marketing clothing and also accessories. However, her store didn"t stay open long, and also she closeup of the door it following her split with Seth.

Leighla"s civilization was wrong in February 2015 once she uncovered Seth was being unfaithful. She was ravaged by his portrayal and as seen in this photo, she couldn"t help throwing the shade at she ex. While Leighla was angry through Seth, the two at some point patched points up and also decided to be friends.

after their relationship was ousted, Seth and Zahra lastly went public through their relationship. Among their an initial appearances was ringside in ~ NXT takeover in Brooklyn. Seth didn"t mind reflecting off because that the camera, when Zahra didn"t it seems ~ interested. Month after your NXT appearance, the couple broke increase in February 2016.

Sarah and also Seth were very open with their relationship. She would often post around his success on society media. When she wasn"t busy, she would periodically accompany him come WWE events.

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The couple was watched walking the red carpet at a 2017 SummerSlam Party and also at the 2018 WWE hall of Fame.

during Leighla and also Seth"s relationship, they embraced a dog called Kevin. As soon as the couple split up in 2015, Leighla gained to keep Kevin, yet she shares custody with Seth. Leighla and also Seth are good parents come their fur baby, and also Leighla constantly share photos that the pup top top Twitter and Instagram.

adhering to her split from Rollins, Zahra started dating another WWE star. Schreiber"s new love was Sonya Deville. The 2 were frequently seen hanging the end together, and also in 2018 they confirmed their relationship as soon as they proved up with each other at the room of Fame. However, through 2019 the pair had unable to do their separate ways and also moved top top with other people.

Rollins" fans thought Sarah to be a good match for The Architect. The pair began dating in 2016 and also they winner over fans with their lover photos. Everyone believed Seth would finally settle down through Sarah, yet in February 2019, simply days ~ Valentine"s Day, buy it stunned fans when she announced she and also Seth had damaged up.

since her split from Rollins in 2015, Leighla has actually remained out of the spotlight. She stays a quiet life in Iowa, wherein she continues to job-related as a hairstylist. When she"s not busy v work, she loves to gain the beauty, beauty of the outdoors and also posts image of her adventures ~ above Twitter.

A many has adjusted for Zahra due to the fact that she to be released native WWE in 2015. This days Zahra is make the efforts to continue to be out of the public spotlight. In December 2019, Zahra ended up being a mommy when she and also her boyfriend invited a baby boy named Layne. Zahra and also her family members are life a quiet life in her hometown of Charlotte, north Carolina.

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It"s to be over a year since Sarah"s break-up with Seth, yet she"s moving on through her life. Sarah is known to it is in an adventurer. She and her friends have been walking on trips about Texas and also other destinations. During one that her countless vacations, she and her pal you disturb yourself in some shopping.

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