A ____________ includes human being who share comparable needs and wants, and also can acquisition a this firm products.

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A _________________ contains information such as ethnic background, age, revenue level, and geographic location.consumer profile
_____________ requires having a product available at a particular time the year or day.Time utility
Selling exercise equipment through catalogs mailed to ABA members and also other athletes is an example of __________________.place utility
Which the the following utilities entails making products?form utility
Jared request his mom to to buy him cacao Puffs ~ watching a TV commercial. To what team does he belong?a customer market
Which financial utility enhanced when fast-food restaurants began accepting credit cards?possession utility
When Angela viewed of her hotel, she completed a research kind rating the hotel's service, food, and also accommodations. This is an example of what marketing main point function?marketing info management
What go a miniature golf business carry out to that customers?a service
Informing, persuading, or remind potential customers about a great or business is referred to as ____________________.promotion
Birthday Bears, Inc., has just obtained an order for 1,000 devices from distinctive Gifts. This is an instance of a(n) ____________________ market.organizational
To boost the ____________________ utility of your products, some retailers offer installment or layaway plans.possession
The employee of a home-improvement warehouse are experienced craftspeople who enjoy providing their customers advice about do-it-yourself projects. The employees' advice increases the ____________________ utility of their goods.information
When a product’s demand and also production increase, ____________________ generally decreases.price
Shopping at Target and also paying cash for her purchases is a marketing strategy called ____________________.pricing
At the end of summer every year, the local office-supply save stocks school offers to boost the institution supplies’ ____________________ utility.

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Greenfield’s Dairy desires to introduce a brand-new low-fat ice cream cream to rise its sales by making use of a ____________________ marketing strategy.product
deciding just how much to charge for goods and also servicespricing
planning, promoting, and also distributing productsmarketing
the included value that a product in financial termsutility
Product, price, place, promotionmarketing mix
Providing customers through goods and also services they wantselling
tangible itemsgoods
deciding exactly how goods get into customers handschannel management
obtaining, developing, or boosting a productproduct/service management
businesses that buy commodities for usage in their operationsorganizational market
percentage of complete sales created by contending companiesmarket share