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The Queen the Tejano music was amongst the artists who were celebrated with aposthumous Lifetime accomplishment Award during Sunday night"s telecast. Various other honorees known with the Lifetime accomplishment Award include Grandmaster flash & The Furious Five, Lionel Hampton, Marilyn Horne, Salt-N-Pepa and Talking Heads.

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Selena was only 23 year old when she was shot and killed in 1995, yet her legacy proceeds with her specialized fans and hits songs choose “Como la Flor" and also “Amor Prohibido."

Selena winner her very first GRAMMY for ideal Mexican-American Album forSelena Live! at the 36th GRAMMY Awards in 1994, marking the first time a mrs Tejano artist winner the category. She attend the consciousness in a stunning Lillie Rubin white sequin dress.

During her accept speech, Selenathanked her whole team and family. She album, Amor Prohibido,was also nominated for ideal Mexican-American performance the following year.

ET spoke through Selena"s sister, Suzette Quintanilla, before the awards show, whereby she expressed how happy the late singer would be around receiving the honor.

"I think she would be over the moon. Ns think she would be very giddy about it. I think that she would probably have her social media handles and also she would probably be posting lots of photos v it, I"m sure," Suzette expressed. "I go back to the other part of Selena, of she being a function model. And also I think the it shines a substantial light on that. The with difficult work and dedication and with your family members behind you and everything, the you deserve to do therefore much. doesn"t issue where girlfriend come native as lengthy as you have actually that drive and that passion and also you have the right to succeed."

Meanwhile at the end of last year, Netflix released component One the Selena: The Series, which chronicled the late singer"s childhood and also rise come fame, withChristian Serratos in the command role. The actress opened up up to ET around the "pressure" of illustrating the above Latina and taking over Jennifer Lopez"s breakout function in the 1997 movie Selena.

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“I feeling so lot pressure come be and bring Selena ago to the screen," Serratos confessed come ET during a collection visit. “I recognize what vital role this is and also I recognize how important it is for all her fans and also her family, for this reason I definitely worked really tough to shot and be together honestly Selena together I could."

Suzette likewise told ET the the an initial part of the display would be filled with an ext intimate moments between their family, when the second part, debuting later on this year, would certainly take a look in ~ Selena"s career.

Selena's sister Suzette Quintanilla reaction to so late Singer's GRAMMY Lifetime achievement Award

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