Creators on social media psychic Selena Quintanilla utilizing memes and also digitally-altered picture of the Tex-Mex icon.Mexican-American music icon Selena Quintanilla has actually been gone for more than a quarter century, however she"s still living life come the fullest online many thanks to specialized fans on social media. Nearly 26 years after she tragic killing in 1995, the recording Academy recognized Selena through a Lifetime success Award during the 63rd yearly GRAMMY Awards on march 14. While the compensation looks ago at what Selena achieved in her quick lifetime, fans have actually helped Selena release new albums, speak the end for social causes and also even age gracefully thanks to memes and also Photoshopped photos shared on society media platforms unimaginable as soon as she was alive.

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A new podcast native and also Futuro Studios referred to as Anything for Selena take away a deeply-reported yet also an individual look right into Selena’s legacy, including whole episode on just how the icon is psychic online. As hold Maria Garcia puts the in one episode dubbed “Selena and the Internet,” the Selena internet is “a ar with its very own rules, its own norms, its own culture. It’s a textured ar worth studying.” Breaking down “the Selena web” into 8 categories, Garcia explains what the meme-ification the Selena mirrors us about the singer’s lasting appeal and attempts come make sense of the void she left behind.

Along v interviews v Selena’s notoriously guarded father, Abraham Quintanilla, and also featuring rare archive tape, Anything for Selena weaves the story that the singer’s rise to symbol status with organize Maria Garcia’s intimate story of finding her location in the civilization as a first-generation Mexican-American fronteriza. Garcia mirrors us how Selena’s music, beloved interviews and also the 1997 Selena biopic starring a young Jennifer Lopez have become the inexhaustible source material of memes and also digital content on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

1. Selena and also Yolanda

A photo of Selena and also her murderer Yolanda Saldívar has actually been remixed again and also again to depict the fight of "good versus evil" in the eyes of image creators.

A bittersweet meme for fans, this is the meme the keeps ~ above giving. A snapshot of Selena with Yolanda Saldívar, the friend and fan society manager responsible for she murder, has become a standard template for countless Selena memes. The distinguishable black-and-white comparison provides the perfect backdrop for interacting anything meme creators see as a battle between good and evil, from “my plans” and the year 2020 come Latinos and also Latino trumped supporters.

In this meme, Selena is a stand-in for Texans and also Gov. Greg Abbott is represented by Selena's murderer. The image circulated shortly after Abbott lifted the state's mask mandate and also ordered Texas come open completely despite the continuous public health and wellness crisis.

Far from just a funny (if also foreboding) meme, the constant remixing the this format to speak to issues of the work is a testimony to fans" enduring devotion come the singer. Mim in this style are regularly political, despite Selena’s well-documented reticence in life to talk about her political see (she to be a devout Jehovah’s Witness).

Another take on the famous format. Here, the meme is a comment on the high percentage of Cuban-Americans in Florida that voted because that Donald trump in the 2020 election.

That fact hasn’t stopped fans ~ above the right and left native claiming she to your side, vying for the validation that would come with Selena’s blessing and cultural clout. These memes additionally reveal exactly how palpable contempt because that Saldívar remains among Selena’s fans. Imprisoned in 1995 and eligible because that parole in 2025, she commonly features somewhere else on “the Selena internet” together the eternal villain, depicted alongside Latinx mythical monsters and also demons like El Cucuy and also La Llorona.

2. Society justice memes

A step from the 1997 Selena biopic starring Jennifer Lopez is remixed v a social justice message.

Selena’s image has additionally been mobilized for social causes, both online and in genuine life. Hosted up in life and also death as a duty model and also vanguard for Latinx representation and also visibility, Selena’s image and also music has actually been recruited by society justice reasons like Selena because that Sanctuary, a benefit concert series to progressive funds for immigrant advocacy. In Anything for Selena, hold Maria Garcia ponders this advertise to connect Selena to today’s social movements, wondering, “Would she have spoken up because that Black lives Matter? In defense of youngsters in cages?” while we’ll never ever know, the hasn’t prevented image creators indigenous imagining that she would.

One of the most-quoted lines native the 1997 movie was catalyst for this meme.

This is best illustrated through Selena mim that went famous on Instagram in summer 2020 on the now-defunct account SelenaYLosDichos. In one interview, co-creator Vicente Garcia said he was inspired to link Selena to society justice ~ the George Floyd protests meant he and others were fighting versus racial justice and police brutality all throughout a pandemic. “It’s exhausting,” the said, paralleling among the most-quoted lines native the 1997 Selena biopic in i beg your pardon Selena’s father Abraham says, “We have to be much more Mexican 보다 the Mexicans, much more American 보다 the Americans, both in ~ the same time. The exhausting!”

3. Remixing old photos

Fans frequently take portraits from classic Selena photoshoots and re-imagine them together artwork for imaginary brand-new albums.

While several of the best Selena pan accounts top top platforms like Instagram strive to serve much more as digital archives of every Selena photo ever before taken, others take it it upon us to remix old content. Provided that Selena lived just 23 years, and was a beloved, well-documented public number for less than half of that time, Selena fans complete with the truth that in ~ some suggest they will have seen every photoshoot, every interview, every ad, and also every music video clip blooper. Thankfully, given the singer’s timelessness and also the truth that a new generation of fans is finding out her online and passed down v their OG-Selena-fan parents like cultural heritage, new content is always cropping up.

A Selena photo edited to take the singer native Texas come Paris.

Remixed again and also again from available source material indigenous the 80s and 90s, Photoshop-assisted memes assist fans imagine alternate album covers (some through explicit content labels!) and concert appearances in international destinations Selena never had the possibility to see.

4. Selena memes that imagine, "what if?"

Here, Selena is ~ above the covering of one imaginary concern of People, mirroring on her career "10 years after her retirement."
Selena imagine at the 2019 Billboard Music Festival with a modern-day hairstyle.

Perhaps the memes and also images that take the most dedication are also the ones that are many poignant and heart-wrenching. This category of Selena internet content do the efforts to fill the void Selena left behind, and lets fans imagine what should have been. From Photoshopping Selena right into a graying viejita looking ago at her career ~ above an imagine cover the People, to modifying photos of Selena and also her husband kris Perez v the family members they didn’t obtain to have, this category takes the most skill come create—and the most heart. Others, however, have taken a much more light-hearted approach, favor these Tweets that predict a civilization where Selena was never ever taken away prior to her time would certainly be a utopia complete with flying cars and futuristic cities.

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Want to learn an ext about the various other 4 significant categories the Selena memes? check out Anything because that Selena out currently on apple Podcasts.