In the renowned “Red Dot” illustration of Seinfeld, George Costanza has actually sex in his office v a character well-known only together “the clean woman.” His boss finds out. This is their ensuing exchange :

(Scene) In the boss’ office.

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Boss: i’m going to obtain right to the point. That has involved my attention that you and also the cleaning woman have engaged in sex-related intercourse top top the workdesk in her office. Is the correct?George: Who said that?Boss: She did.George: Was the wrong? have to I have actually not done that? i tell you i gotta plead ignorance top top this thing since if anyone had actually said anything come me at all as soon as I an initial started here that that sort of thing was frowned upon, you know, reason I’ve operated in a the majority of offices and also I phone call you people do that all the time.Boss: you fired.George: fine you didn’t need to say it like that.

The complete script is HERE. The scene is HERE.

Among few of my closer friends, “was the wrong?” is often the solution one that us gives when an additional asks “did you seriously __________?” the blank filled in by miscellaneous idiotic.

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Costanza’s response serves as my impetus for a new column on honest Grounds: Was that Wrong? The shaft will feature stories that the absurd & outrageous native the civilization of legit ethics and attorney discipline, highlighting misconduct that i hope you’ll instinctively avoid without needing a CLE that urges you to execute so.

Here are the entries in Was the Wrong?

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