One minute into tonight’s episode of Secrets and Lies, Danny almost immediately drops a truth bomb on Eric when he says, “Everyone is lying.” WOW. Looks like nothing can get past this super sleuth.

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Everyone is lying, but as Kylie Jenner would say, tonight was a night of “realizing things.” We learned a interesting details about what some of these people — like Liam, Patrick, Danny, and even Detective Cornell — are hiding.

But before we get to all of that, the question we all want answered first is: “Where the hell is Liam?!”



As a consolation prize, he then puts his noodle to use and assumes that since the unnamed girl is wearing a T-shirt sporting the name of Liam’s favorite DJ, Liam must be at his concert. And, surprisingly, he’s right. Unfortunately for them, Liam’s on someone else’s radar: That person happens to be Detective Cornell, who pulls up at the concert venue and arrests Liam within seconds of Eric and Danny’s arrival.

Speaking of Detective Cornell, while Eric and Danny are channeling their inner Nancy, Cornell is at the police precinct having a conversation with the only person who looks at her the exact same way she looks at everyone else — her boss. We learn a things during their exchange, the most important being that Cornell isn’t very popular among her peers. Some of her coworkers are blaming her for the death of a fellow cop, while the DA’s office isn’t too happy she was able to overturn its conviction of our old friend, Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) — remember when he was convicted of murdering of 5-year-old Tom Murphy? — shortly after he was murdered in prison. She assures him the current investigation will not crash and burn, as she has a more people to add to her list of POIs.

Of course, the first person on her list is Liam. After arresting him, Detective Cornell questions him about the night Kate died when she finds out Liam has an alibi. According to Liam, Patrick sent him away on an alcohol-related mission after a heated exchange with Kate resulted in her telling the party’s bartender to stop serving Patrick. By heated, I mean Patrick made a really douchey/sketchy comment to Kate, saying she could get hurt if she doesn’t mind her own business. Way to make yourself a suspect there, Patrick.

Speaking of Patrick — a.k.a. person of interest no. 2 — he pretty much reminded us tonight that he’s the last person anyone should call during a personal emergency. Case in point, before he abruptly ends a phone call with Eric (he and Melanie have some “conjugal” business to take care of), he blows off an important meeting with a potential investor because of a shady rendezvous of his own. Once he finally makes it to work, he’s followed around by Detective Cornell, who goes right into accusing him of murdering Kate in a drunken rage. She brings up the comment he made to Kate and he lets her know that, duh, everyone says crazy things when they’re drunk. He makes his case by revealing Kate was pretty much the only person in his family who treated Melanie with any respect. For that, he wouldn’t hurt a hair on her head.

Back to Mystery Inc., a.k.a. Eric and Danny. Danny convinces Eric to post Liam’s bail after his arrest, but he’s let out before they get the chance to ambush him at the police station and take him away. Danny, being one step ahead of everyone on this show, meets Eric outside of his office with Liam in his trunk. The three head to a motel, and here’s what Liam reveals while they interrogate him:

Kate didn’t hire Liam because he’s her son — he’s actually not. But she did hire him because he came to her claiming to be tired of being a professional scammer. He wanted to make money the right way and promised her that if she gave him a chance, his days of fraud would be over for good. Clearly, given his current predicament, that didn’t happen.Kate started looking into Neil’s accounts after coming across a suspicious bank statement. Liam says she left it in her desk, but it wasn’t there when Eric searched the desk a days ago, meaning someone had already stolen it.More on Neil: He was associated with both Carly and Rachel. (Rachel is Danny’s 18-year-old daughter who went missing several weeks ago. She was last seen with Carly at a company party also attended by Eric, Kate, and Liam.)

After getting the info they need from Liam, Eric sets him up to be arrested again, as his own form of revenge for Liam taking advantage of Kate giving him a second chance.

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The episode ends with Eric luring Neil back to his apartment so he can give Danny information about Carly and Rachel’s whereabouts. According to Neil, he slept with Carly on a occasions because she’s a call girl. After unsuccessfully trying to call Carly’s cell, Detective Cornell pops up — probably because Danny, WHO’S ALSO A DETECTIVE, invited her.