but the error was: "Expected one calculation from a curly brace or period indexing expression, yet there to be 10 results."

If you have actually a non-scalar structure and that you desire to allocate new data to the same field of each element of that structure, then this is most basic using a comma-separated list:





I agree v you, Stephen, however often the documentation doesn"t help so much, i haven"t found any type of example comparable to my problem, I"ve do the efforts to deal with it making use of my knowledge, but I"m no so professional to discover the solution.

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this can work the end if you deserve to assign values to that manually by inputting it out from the vital board but when you need to make one assignment programmatically what shall you do? ns am working on one such difficulty right now: I have a structure and I need to assign a worth to it , i cannot do a comma separated list here. Any type of suggestions? Matlab documentation on frameworks doesn"t aid me out


assign one scalar range to one field of a scalar structure.assign one non-scalar range to one field of a scalar structure.assign one non-scalar selection to separate areas of a scalar structure.assign facets of one array to separate areas of a scalar structure.assign one scalar selection to one ar of a non-scalar structure.assign elements of one non-scalar selection to one ar of a non-scalar structure.... Etc.
Some that these can be fixed using a comma-separated list, whereas few of them require various other syntaxes. However you did not give us any actual information on her structure, on her array, and also on exactly which aspects you desire to assign and in what way. This renders it very hard for united state to assist you.
Give us example data, and/or one actual description of her data, and additionally explain specifically how you desire the data to it is in assigned to the structure.

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