Japan is no falling quick of cute characters. There room characters almost everywhere you rotate from prefecture mascots come cute cafes.

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You may have actually heard around the reigning champion of kawaii characters San-x indigenous Netflix’s renowned stop-motion animation, Rilakkuma, and also Kaoru. With the outstanding reviews native fans everywhere the world, the computer animation has a lining 100% rating ~ above Rotten Tomatoes and 8.6/10 top top IMDB. Over there is no denying the Rilakkuma and also gang space San-X’s most recognizable characters. However, over there are many other adorable individualities that you might not know.That’s why we are right here today to rank the most well-known San-X personalities in Japan, and possibly introduce you come your new favorite kawaii character.

7. Monokuro Boo

There’s nothing much better than simplicity. Monokuro Boo room black and also white square-shaped pigs released by San-X in approximately 2005. The 2 pigs are often with a little bee buzzing about them.


The creator wanted to relax something fun and different indigenous the typical colorful kawaii characters. By presenting a black, white, and also gray palette, it went versus what was cute at the time. The name “Monokuro Boo” is a source of the indigenous monochrome and also “boo” (the Japanese indistinguishable to “oink”).


Despite Monokuro Boo’s spin-on the classic kawaii culture, San-X additionally released a line dubbed Baby Boo i m sorry featured smaller pastel piglets. Favor Monokuro Boo they also have a bee hovering about them, however this one looks favor a strawberry. Space you a pan of the black and also white or the pastel style?

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6. Tarepanda

Meet this lover lazy panda created by the an excellent Japanese designer Hikaru Suemasa as she was constantly feeling exhausted. San-X very first introduced Tarepanda in 1995 together stickers. Because of the popularity, San-X later released erasers and letter pads the yet again verified to it is in an substantial hit.


By 1999, Tare-panda items had got to 30 billion yen, and also it was one of the most popular personalities at that time. ~ all, that couldn’t autumn in love through a lazy character that moves through rolling?

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5. Kutusita Nyanko

Kutusita Nyanko is an clever cat put on white socks. Kutusita Nyanko resides with a human being who that calls “Papa,” that works an extremely hard to administer the best treats and also toys for his cats. Kutusita Nyanko is likewise drawn with musical notes approximately him due to the fact that he can’t get sufficient of classical music. His favorite tools are the violin and also piano.


You may likewise see this lovable cat with his other friends and also roommates Burme, Norwecci, and Russie. Norwecci is Kutusita Nyanko’s pets kitty which he brought home one day and now resides with him, Burme, and also Papa. External of the house, Kutusita Nyanko regularly plays through his fantastic friend Russie, a gray kitty who resides with a Papa’s friend.

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4. Sentimental Circus

Sentimental Circus offered to be San-X’s second most well-known character after ~ Rilakkuma, but things have adjusted in recent years through the growth of Sumikko Gurashi and Mamegoma. The Sentimental Circus pets are abandoned playthings that gather every night indigenous the location they were left to performs plot or circus tricks together.


The Sentimental Circus crew is collected of several various characters. The key character, hare Shappo, is one innocent-looking white hare wearing a mismatch pink onesie referred to as Rabbit Shappo. Shappo is the ringmaster that the circus and is frequently seen put on a sophisticated top hat through needles, threads, and magic props concealed inside. Together you deserve to see by his lover onesie, the is wonderful at patchwork and loves dressing well.

On the best side to rabbit Shappo is the easygoing elephant Mouton the shines anytime the curtain goes up. He loves balancing balls and also performing his distinctive acrobatics act. Sat in former of Mouton is Lion Rio who can’t get sufficient of jumping with a hoop and showing the audience his skills. Perched to the left of that is Mr. Bear, a cycling performer who is constantly running around energetically.

The other members that Sentimental Circus incorporate Kuro, a black color cat that performs the roll globe. And Shappo’s closest girlfriend Toto a sensitive white dog v a pink nose that performs an outstanding juggling act.

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3. Mamegoma

Mamegoma is a collection of seal characters in a selection of colors created by San-X. “Mame” way bean in Japanese, and is frequently used to refer to little versions the things. “Goma” is one abbreviation of gomafuazarashi which means spotted seal in Japanese. The Mamegoma seals might not look an especially small in size, yet they room often shown as being approximately 12cm and live a goldfish bowl.


They are additionally seen relaxing on hamster wheels and also participating in other tasks such as surfing and eating your favorite foods. Mamegoma likewise released that is anime in Japan in 2019 referred to as Kupu!! Mamegoma wherein you follow the key white seal “mameta” approximately with his friends. Mamegoma has likewise published 4 Nintendo DS games, and also two 3DS games.

Although the fandom for Mamegoma has gradually started to decline, San-X tho produces countless Mamegoma products from stickers, stationery, and plushies. Which shade Mamegoma is her favorite?

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2. Sumikko Gurashi

Sumikko Gurashi is a set of personalities produced by San-X, and also created by Yuri Yokomizo in 2012. The personalities were based on notebook doodles Yokomizo drew when she was a student. All Sumikko Gurashi personalities feel relaxed as soon as they are near the edge of the room.


The key Sumikko Gurashi personalities all have slightly an unfavorable personalities and often feel anxious, which provides them stand out from previously kawaii characters. The key shy polar bear named Shirokuma ran away from the North because he hates the cold. Shirokuma feels many relaxed once he is sit in the corner, drink a delicious hot tea. He likewise loves soaking in warm springs and also wants come travel south to reach the heat seas.

Penguin is a green penguin who loves every little thing green native cucumbers to Japan’s mythical biology the Kappa. Tonkatsu is a part of fried pork cutlet that consists of 1% meat and also 99% fat. Neko is a timid chubby cat that can’t get enough of cat grass, cat food, and rice balls. Tokage is a dinosaur the pretends to be a lizard to ensure that doesn’t gain captured. Those are the main characters called Sumikko, but there space sub-characters called Minniko, who additionally make an illustration now and also then.

Sumiko Gurashi is quickly climbing the rankings that the Japanese character popularity charts and was voted together the 5th most renowned in 2018. As result of the popularity, San-X has actually announced the for the 7th anniversary in 2019 they will certainly release an anime movie produced by Studio Fanworks.

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1. Rilakkuma

We’re certain you have heard around this brown bear dubbed Rilakkuma with his buddies Korilakkuma a white bear, and also yellow bird Kiroitori. ~ the personalities launch in 2003, they have been featured on whatever from stationery come kitchen appliances. Rilakkuma has additionally released magazines, comic books, and an animation collection created because that Netflix.


Rilakkuma is a portmanteau the the words “relax” and “bear” and is frequently seen looking cute lying on the floor eat pancakes. Kiiroitori, on the various other hand, takes treatment of both that the bears and also tries to prevent Korilakkuma native pulling too numerous pranks. In 2016, a brand-new character called Chairoikoguma was introduced to the series. Chairokoguma was found my Korilakkuma in the forest and brought him residence to meet Rilakkuma and also Kiiroitori.

This lazy bear broke through the stereotype that kawaii personalities needing to it is in energetic, which has actually lead come a new era the characters. Rilakkuma has collaborated v multiple brands and even opened up its very first temporary pop-up store in the united state in 2017.

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So that’s our height 7 San-X Characters. Did your favorite make the list? let us understand which kawaii personality you can’t get sufficient of ~ above our society networks below.