Arkansas waited too lengthy to wake up up from 3 quarters the hibernation against a game San Jose State team that simply wanted the more. Saturday’s 31-24 lose dropped Arkansas come 2-2 because that the season, severely damaging any type of hopes of a possible bowl berth.

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Save because that a pretty fourth-quarter comeback attempt, there wasn’t much to be positive around in this one. But here space three things I liked about the game, and also another five things i didn’t like.

Things i liked

1. Not offering up

Despite not arriving for 3 quarters, the Razorbacks walk not provide up once down 24-7 and also made a nice operation at the Spartans — tying the score late in the 4th quarter by scoring on three of 4 possessions prior to giving increase the win score in the last minutes. Arkansas drove 80 yards twice in the fourth quarter come knot points up at 24. Unfortunately, the Razorbacks’ defense could not organize off the Spartans on your game-winning drive.

2. Rakeem Boyd’s toughness

Not given much open room to run to, Boyd still controlled to grind out 91 yards top top 18 carries and played v passion throughout. That rushed twice for 21 yards top top the game-tying drive.


Razorbacks running back Rakeem Boyd manages 91 yards ~ above 18 tote in the loss. Photograph by: Nelson Chenault-USA this particular day Sports

3. Leg of Connor Limpert

At least the Arkansas kicker is reliable video game in and game out. Limpert delivered on a 48-yard field goal to placed Arkansas in place to do a comeback. For the season, the is 6-of-7 ~ above field-goal attempts. He also delivered ~ above the game-tying PAT native 30 yards out after a hold penalty backed him up.

Things i didn’t like

1. Psychological toughness

Arkansas wasn’t mentally all set to play this game. Possibly looking ahead to the Texas A&M video game next week? everything the reason, Arkansas to be sleepwalking through three-plus quarters. Sure, it’s challenging to get up mentally for a game versus a team you’re supposed to beat handily, yet being all set mentally for every game, every week, is the first step in turning around a program.

2. Defense

The Arkansas defense was practically nonexistent with the first two quarters, particularly the pass defense. San Jose State racked up 303 complete yards in the an initial half alone and also finished with an ext than 500. It came into the video game ranked No. 93 in the country in total offense, but the Razorbacks made the look choose a juggernaut, offering up 24 first-half points and also digging the team right into a large hole it couldn’t acquire out of.

3. Attack line

The injury-riddled Arkansas attack line walk a bad job of prevent both the run and also pass. It opened up up very couple of running lanes, and also Nick Starkel was hit and hurried v regularity. It’s why the Razorbacks might not obtain anything going when they had actually the football, at the very least until a pair of key fourth-quarter drives.

4. Starkel impatience

Sure, the Arkansas QB had tiny time to choose out receivers, however Starkel made poor decisions on whereby to put the ball. He had actually success ~ above the short checkdown passes, yet he acquired impatient and also tried to pressure things downfield, resulting in interceptions — 5 of them.

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5. To reduce passes

The relatively inexperienced receiving corps didn’t execute Starkel or Arkansas any type of favors, dropping countless passes and putting the Hogs in lengthy down and also distance situations.