Shinsuke Nakamura earned a definitive win over Samoa Joe in your NXT championship cage match in Melbourne, Australia -- composing the final chapter of among the many memorable rivalries in NXT history.Courtesy the WWE

The culmination of an intense rivalry in between Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe, i m sorry featured 4 memorable NXT championship matches in four different countries during the food of four months, now opens the door because that a number of other interesting possibilities.

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But prior to we closed the publication on this historic chapter of NXT history, there to be a cage match to be resolved -- a last bout in between the freshly re-crowned champion in Nakamura and also Samoa Joe in Melbourne, Australia, critical week. It followed the exact same formula offered one mainly prior in Osaka, Japan, once Nakamura regained his championship, through a complement filmed just a few days before its airing ~ above the weekly NXT broadcast.

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With most major NXT showdowns, specifically in the instance of your titles, problems have been addressed live in ~ TakeOver specials, because that the many part. If the overall presentation loser a little bit by making use of a pretaped format, with results blasted the end on society media instantly following the near of the match, the showdown itself and the in its entirety match quality remained outstanding.

The thrilling finish to this blood feud experienced Nakamura provide a slew that his kinshasa knee strikes that led him to victory over Samoa Joe for the 2nd time in two weeks, and also left him the critical winner that this rivalry. Because that Joe, it will certainly stand alongside his battles with Finn Balor and his an initial title power as his many memorable stretch in NXT, and also a move up to one of two people Raw or SmackDown in the near-future currently seems an ext likely 보다 ever.

With Joe now out that the picture, Wednesday also significant the start of a competition to recognize a new No. 1 competitor for the NXT championship. 4 first-round matches boiled the ar down from eight come four, v a fatal 4-Way come follow following week to round the end the action; the winner the that match will be the next to difficulty Nakamura.

Tye Dillinger to be the an initial competitor announced by william Regal, and also his complement with Eric Young wasn"t so much a match, as it was a breakthrough in the story the Damo and his developing relationship v SAnitY. Prior to the complement could amount come anything substantial, Nikki overcome interfered, attacking Dillinger and giving the the DQ win. The was followed by one onslaught through Damo on Dillinger, and the entire conflict successfully served multiple purposes. It progressed Dillinger right into next week"s match without Young appearing weak, and added to the chaos neighboring SAnitY.

While Dillinger feuding with Nakamura in the lengthy term appears unlikely at this point, miscellaneous worthwhile nearly has to be on the horizon because that the talented "Perfect 10," who has connected with fans with the solid hook the his "10" chants, which live crowds have embraced. Nothing seems specific at the moment, but Dillinger did take place to call out the Intercontinental champion top top Twitter last week (and Miz to adjust in a brutal retort of his own).

Andrade "Cien" Almas deserve the second entry into next week"s complement with a win against No means Jose. Almas has actually a lot brighter future in his existing heel function than he was originally dealt as the babyface personality he debuted in June. When No means Jose has caught on more than anyone might have imagined, placing Almas in following week"s enhance made the most sense style-wise in a deadly 4-Way.

The third ticket come the deadly four-way was punched by Roderick Strong, who was victorious versus "The Drifter" Elias Samson. The unique worked match showcased Strong"s athleticism and also Samson"s ability to create heat.

Bobby Roode is the prohibitive favourite to win following week"s NXT championship No. 1 contender"s fatal 4-Way, which need to be a tremendous match as it additionally involves Tye Dillinger, Roderick strong and Andrade "Cien" Almas.Courtesy of WWEPerhaps the most noticeable inclusion in the complement to recognize Nakamura"s next opponent was Bobby Roode, who beat Oney Lorcan come qualify. The Glorious One needs to be the favorite to win following week, as that would certainly kick-start one exceptionally appealing program full of promise between arguably the 2 most well-known stars NXT has to offer.

Next week"s deadly four-way complement to recognize a brand-new number one competitor for the NXT Championship attributes four of the best workers in NXT -- and also to to speak we need to be in store for a good one would certainly be an understatement.

Hits and misses

As an excellent as the Nakamura-Samoa Joe feud was, the conclusion felt a bit rushed at its finish with the last two matches occurring at live occasions in back-to-back weeks. Don"t gain me wrong, the matches were well done and the crowds to be energetic, yet the grand finale feels like it deserved a live atmosphere with the avoidance of spoiler -- and, more importantly, advertising breaks. It can be an issue of timing, but could friend imagine the last blow-off the night before the imperial Rumble, followed by Joe"s debut in the titular complement the following day? maybe they simply want us to forget Joe because that a couple of weeks to make a debut feel an ext surprising.

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If this is the end for Samoa Joe in NXT, what one awesome run it has been. That has achieved quite a bit in around a year and a half -- the two NXT Championship reigns, a success in the inaugural Dusty Rhodes tags Team Classic, and also countless top-notch matches -- and also his job on one of two people Raw or SmackDown Live must be bright.Is over there a more underrated heel character in NXT right now than Elias Samson? The carefree, drifter playing subdued, boring melodies on his etc is the perfect recipe for boos -- and also he"s been acquiring them in higher and higher volume, the late.SAnitY, with its twists and turns including transforms to the make-up of your stable, becomes more fascinating through each passing week. Together magnetic as they continue to be and as quality a leader together Young is, it"s the unique Cross the truly characterizes SAnitY. Her distinctively unpredictable nature encompasses what the group is about, and also I"m excited to view her career blossom and the group as a whole move up the ladder in NXT."Showtime" Percy Watson is fitting in wonderfully on commentary. His back-and-forth through Corey tombs was entertaining together he referred to him as "Gravy" transparent the transfer -- lot to Graves" dismay.