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In the genuine NFL draft, Amari Cooper to be taken No. 4 overall by the Raiders in 2015, a year after Sammy Watkins was selected in that same precise spot through the Bills. In this year fantasy mocks, Cooper and Watkins space tied with each other again together late fourth-round or early on fifth-round picks.

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But whom should you take first, the Oakland rookie indigenous Alabama or the Buffalo sophomore native Clemson? here’s the breakdown:

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We have actually a tiny sample dimension from Watkins (65 catches, 982 yards, six TDs) and nothing at all together a pro for Cooper. However it’s favor each is beginning from scratch because each will be working v a brand-new QB and a new offense.

The good news is Watkins and Cooper room without a doubt WR1s for your teams. They will certainly dominate targets, and also they can line up and be productive anywhere the field.

The talent no a inquiry for either. This is about what us trust roughly them.

The bills will have actually either Matt Cassel or Tyrod Taylor passing to Watkins in a run-heavy violation led by LeSean McCoy. Robert Woods, Percy Harvin and also Charles Clay deserve to all work to pull part attention away.

Cooper steps with the an ext established QB in Derek Carr (go figure) and also Oakland was clever to in ~ least include a No. 2 possession kind with a history of production, Michael Crabtree. The Raiders should also demand much more attention top top the ground v Latavius Murray.

On Oakland’s budding offense, Cooper is bound come out-target Watkins. A 75-1,200-6 line seems reasonable, which is already over Watkins’ rookie ceiling. Cooper should be a lot an ext efficient with similar volume because of his sustaining cast.

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The Decision: cave more with Mr. Cooper.

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