around Do You want Me

"Do You want Me" is a 1991 solitary that was released through American R&B and also hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa. The single was released an international in February 1991. It reached a height position of number twenty-one in the Billboard hot 100 and also charted at number 5 on the UK Singles Chart. The song likewise peaked at number nineteen in Australia and number forty-nine in Germany.

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Hold up, wait a minuteAin"t nothin" yet tutti-fruityGet ~ above the floor if ya acquired that bootyYo, you acquired that funky beatLet"s execute it, manYo, we gained a tiny problemYeah, us - you and also meYou gotta permit me know somethin"I don"t know - you to speak you choose meSo what"s up? You know what I"m sayin"?You stated it loud, and I heard youNever tried come hurt youSome speak I"m old-fashionedI prefer to take it my time and do the slowYou know with the flow however don"t shot to rush itSo ride it prefer a horse and also let nature take it its courseGet to understand each otherBe my friend not just my loverShare her thoughts through meLove my mind not simply my body, babyDo friend really desire me, baby? allow me know"Cause if girlfriend really prefer me I suggest you phone call me soGot no time for silly games, that ain"t even why i came"Cause I might be the kind of guy you likeAin"t nothin" yet tutti-fruityGet top top the floor if ya obtained that bootyWait a minutePlease recognize the means I feelI must have trust or there"s no dealMy emotion"s ain"t come bePlayed with or given freeI appreciate greatlyThe method you toleratered meSometimes I perform act flakyWouldn"t blame friend if you dislike meYou placed up through my buttWhen ns wouldn"t give it upYeah, I understand that yes, really sucksBut if you wait awhile, I"ll make it upDo girlfriend really want me, baby? allow me know"Cause if you really choose me I suggest you call me soGot no time for silly games, that ain"t even why i came"Cause I might be the sort of male you likeYeah, all rightI recognize what you"re sayin", and it"s cool but...Yo, i gotta understand what"s up, you recognize what I"m sayin"?"cause sometimes when we"re alone kissin" and also huggin" and also thingsI feel like, "Yo, is this it? Is it yes, really gonna happen? Yes!"And then pow! bam! boom! - nothingWhy girlfriend teasin" me?Who me? A tease? Brother, pleaseYou"re simply having negative memoriesAbout part skeeze who did the squeezeAnd had actually you on her hands and kneesLook, ns am telling you directly outThat"s no what I"m every aboutI"d just be playing myself outIf I spent the night at your houseNow don"t acquire me wrongI didn"t average to rotate you onWe haven"t recognized each other longBut this is mine life not simply a songDo girlfriend really desire me, baby? let me know"Cause if you really favor me I imply you call me soGot no time because that silly games, that ain"t even why i came"Cause I might be the sort of male you likeAin"t nothin" however tutti-fruityGet on the floor if ya gained that booty

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Salt-N-Pepa Salt-N-Pepa is one American i know well hop trio native Queens and also Brooklyn, new York, the was created in 1985.

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The group, consist of of Cheryl James ("Salt"), Sandra Denton ("Pepa") and also Deidra Roper ("DJ Spinderella"), was one of the very first all-female laboratory crews. An ext »